Thanksgiving in Haiti A Community Event

STORY: Thursday, November 15, 2018

Today, I was asked how I would celebrate Thanksgiving this year since I won't be in the states. I thought about it and decided that I would just have a regular day. I'm in Haiti. The person looked really sad because they thought I was going to say that I'm having a big Thanksgiving celebration here.

To me, it's no big deal to miss the meal. Thanksgiving is about family and love. However, I'm surrounded by people who have never had the opportunity to celebrate such a holiday, so part of me wants to have a traditional celebration for my friends and family in Haiti.

I did some research and went to the local grocery store where a basic turkey is $70 USD!!! NO BS! A ham is about $60 USD!!! Some things I can buy on the street, like yams and vegetables are available for good prices, but extortion is real. This is probably why many families here do not eat much meat. For Example: A 5 pound bag of cheese easily runs over $15 USD, so it is a delicacy here. We even eat lasagna with a lack of cheese. I tried to buy a box of AppleJacks cereal and it was priced at $11 USD, so naturally I put it down.

My next question was if I could buy a Haitian turkey from a farm out in the country, but they're so tough and would have to be killed and hacked up. There would be no way to bake it in the oven as it should be prepared. ("should" said loosely... and I don't have the heart to buy an animal, kill it and eat it).

Anyways, I'm looking for financial support to try something new. I've been in Haiti for four months, today, and I've embraced so much culture and shared so much of my own. This would be an amazing opportunity to give people a meal like they've never seen before and may never see again. I promise to post about the entire experience!

OVERWHELMING RESPONSE: Thursday, November 22, 2018

Every year, I celebrate Thanksgiving with my family and friends. However, this year, I am in Haiti and I decided to bring the tradition with me and invite the community of Carrefour to celebrate my culture with me. In one week, I raised $130 to contribute to the celebration. Here are our results. Thank you to everybody that helped in any way! It meant the world to me. <3

Happy Holidays,



Video by Alyssa Barber, www.creativelybiased.com Photos by Alyssa Barber and Ronald Bresile, Romeo Photography

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