Ward Green Primary School May 2020 nEWSLETTER

Dear children of Ward Green Primary School,

We are all missing you so much and we can't wait to be back together! Your work is amazing, we're super proud of you all. We have some extra special shout outs this month! Shall we have a look at what you've all been up to?

2 superstar pupils have been doing an amazing job at fundraising for the NHS! Alfie and Leilas dad has been hard at work making the spinners for them to decorate. The community have made donations to buy one and they have managed to raise an amazing £10,000! We are super proud of their work!
Leyton started a tree of hope to help cheer others up around the reservoir. Lots of you have been to visit the tree, its now covered in ribbon and messaged to each other.
We have had more exiting projects!
Miss Jackson has been reading lots of stories with her class to help them write their own.
Our year 6's have been thinking of the things they're looking forward to they most. What are you looking forward to?
We received this random act of kindness!
Someone in Mrs Saynors class have been extremely busy making this! We love it!
Dear Parents/Carers of Ward Green Primary School,

I trust that this communication finds you and your families well at this difficult time. I would like to update you on events at school since we closed our doors to most pupils a little over a month ago.

As we approach the sixth week of Ward Green Primary’s approach to learning at home, I would like to start by saying a well-deserved thank you to everyone involved with the school. Firstly, to all parents and carers, who may have found themselves in the unfamiliar position of ‘teacher’ over recent weeks. From the communications I have had, I know there have been challenges and it makes us all appreciate the wonderful work our classroom teachers do, day-in day-out, with our all of our children. Thank you for being there to support, challenge, inspire and encourage our pupils to continue to make progress in the current situation we find ourselves. I would also like to say a massive thank you to all of our pupils. The work I have seen on See-Saw and Early Essence over recent weeks has blown me away, and indeed, has provided us with an opportunity to extend learning even further when things eventually do return to normal. Finally, I cannot thank our teachers enough for the effort they are going to every single day to ensure that pupils are continuing to learning and make progress at home. I have to say I have been overwhelmed with the messages of support from parents and carers for the work our staff and manging during these difficult times. Having looked around at other school approaches over the holidays, I haven't seen anything nearly as good as the quality of education our pupils are receiving. Thank you, it will make the transition back to school so much easier. In additional to this, staff across school are still attending regularly to provide support for our key worker children and venerable families. I am sure you will agree that for staff to put themselves (and their families) at additional risk during the lockdown by continuing to run school for these children is to be commended. We can all be proud of the part we are playing to support our front-line workers, colleagues, families and friends. Thank you.

Since closing our doors to the majority of pupils on 20th March, school has continued to operate at ‘Phase 1’ – meaning we remain open for our own pupils as required. I believe this is essential for our learners to ensure consistently and a familiar environment and we will strive to operate like this, supporting key worker and vulnerable families, for as a long as practically possible.

For those families who qualify for free school meals, we have worked hard to ensure the government voucher scheme is in place and working. Please do bear with us if there are any delays – nationally there have been some complications, but I am hopefully that all families are/will be receiving the vouchers on time. If you have any queries in relation to this, please do get in touch. We will be happy to chase this up on your behalf.

As we move towards the summer term, we are getting closer to transition events as pupils move into their next phase of learning. For some pupils, that means attending at Ward Green for the first time, and for others, leaving us to move onto their secondary education. At this point, I would like to officially welcome all our new pupils and parents for September 2020. I know this is not the ideal situation for beginning a new school, but rest assured we are working as hard as we can to ensure a smooth transition in September. Mrs Lacey, Miss Easton, Miss Watson and Miss Yates will be in

touch shortly to communicate our plans for transition. In addition, I would also like to say at this point a huge thank you to our Y6 pupils, who I am sure you will agree have worked extremely hard this year in preparation for the end of Key Stage SATs assessments. Let me be clear: in the long run, it is not the SATs certificates that are important, but the knowledge, skills and experiences you’ve have learned over your time at HCPS that will equip you for lifelong learning. Continue to enjoy the adventure. We will await government guidelines over the coming weeks, but we are really hoping to see you all again (in one form or another!) before the summer.

I would also like to give a mention to the events that have been cancelled/postponed in light of the current pandemic, Y1 phonics tests, Y2 SATs assessments and Y4 timestable tests. Again, these pupils have worked tremendously hard in these areas and I am certain that would have been reflected in the pupils’ results.

I am proud of the fact that we have been able to continue our regular Star of the Week – via online learning. I hope that those pupils who have received the certificates in the post of enjoyed that novelty. On a personal note, I really am looking forward when we can all sit and celebrate together again – I hope that time will be soon.

Currently, we have no further information related to the end of lockdown or likely return dates to school. We will endeavour to be in touch as soon as possible to keep you updated. For now, please keep as safe as you can – I leave you with a quote from the unwavering Captain Tom Moore:

“…remember, the sun will shine on you once again and the clouds will go away”.

Wishing and your families all the best at the difficult time.

Kindest regards,

School Reopening

We are unsure when and what form this will take and we are waiting for the Government announcements on Sunday. We will then put together a comprehensive plan to ensure the return to school is as safe as can possibly be. We will email out to parents further information as soon as it is ready.

VE day celebrations

I hope everyone enjoys the celebrations on VE day, I know I will be having a picnic in the garden and following social distancing guidance. We have put together a special video to help you celebrate VE day - click onto Seesaw on Friday 8th May to see us all go back in time!! Please upload your pictures/videos to seesaw so that we can celebrate together!

Hungry Little Minds

Follow the link for simple, fun activities for kids, from newborn to five


Active Fusion

During these difficult times active fusion have put together some fantastic free resources for families to use at home with their children to keep them engaged in Physical Education.

Attached is an example copy of their family pack which also have a wide variety of activity packs available for all different age groups. All families need to do to sign up is follow the link below to their website and download the packs:



Worsbrough common primary have put a little something together for anyone struggling with seesaw which you may find useful. Please follow the link to access this.


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