Now is a Time For Running Nick almeida, curtis smith, and tahire reid

Table of contents


"Together" a picture made by: Nick Almeida

"Zimbabwe" a picture made by: Tahire Reid

"Education in Zimbabwe" a poem made by: Curtis Smith

"Food in Zimbabwe" a peom made by: Curtis Smith

"Housing in Zimbabwe" a peom made by: Curtis Smith

"Nothing" a poem made by: Nick Almeida

"A Little Hope" a peom made by: Nick Almeida

"FAMILY" a peom made by: Nick Almeida

"Family Love" a peom made by: Nick Almeida



Have you ever been very hungry and tried buying something to eat? You reach down to pull your money and, "DARN IT!!!" You forgot your money. You now have to wait a whole hour until it's lunch time. It happens to a lot of people, and honestly, it's the worst. But think about living In Zimbabwe where it's a miracle to get money and find something to eat. People in Zimbabwe live in deep poverty. The unemployment rates are 95%. No work= no money. No money= no food. Thought the people in Zimbabwe are living in poverty, they show more happiness then us fortunate people in America. We get mad and throw fits when we can't but something to eat right when we want. We are extremely ungrateful. We don't like giving people stuff we don't use, but we try to make a quick buck off of it. But in Zimbabwe, everything is being used the most it could be used, even if they don't like it. They are still living happy loving each other. They love what they have and don't hate what they don't have. This magazine is about the good, and the bad living in poverty in Zimbabwe

My picture is in black and white because when you think of poverty, it's not bright, happy, and colorful. It is a picture of deo and innocent standing in front of a rusted up soccer net wearing holes clothes and ripped jeans. Though it shows how little they have, it shows all they need. Soccer and each other. I like this picture because it's not about how good it looks, it's about the story it brings.
This image to me is describing poverty in Zimbabwe. I drew this picture because to me this is a image that define poverty. They have a cow that they raise in order to get food and earn money. The fire is what they use to cook because they do not have a stove. And as you can see, the house is made out of wood, with branches as the roof.


Education In Zimbabwe by Curtis Smith

Our school system sucks.

How do we fix it ?

There's no way to fix because we're poor.

Schools in Zimbabwe are always boring.

We have no help,

We have bad test scores.

Can we fix our school system ?

Is there a way out? Yes or no ?

Our school systems are saying no.

But what if someone wants to make it in life

Would they stay, or would they grow.

Because of our school system, they would go.

Food in Zimbabwe by Curtis Smith

We need food,

Can someone help?

We have no money.

We've starved ourselves.

We’re low on income.

We need more jobs.

Never give up.

Just pray to God.

For better days we pray,

God can save the day.

Help us live a better way.

Never give up.

I feel so sick I wanna throw up.

Bless bless bless,

Make today my best.

On day Zimbabwe will be better than the rest.

Housing In Zimbabwe by Curtis Smith

Our government sucks.

They held us down.

He made some happy, and made some frown.

Our societies is not helping,

We're gonna die.

Everyday is down,

Keep your head high.

It's gonna get better.

Don't think negative,

Always think positive.

Hold on tight.

Never let your guard down and hold this fight.

Nothing by Nick Almeida

I don't have much money,

Hard to get food any type of way.

I am always hoping that,

Tomorrow would be a better day.

Maybe If I lived in a better place,

The sorrow would go away.

But there is a lot of trouble,

Living up here in zimbabwe.

A little hope by Nick Almeida

The luck is here with me,

We are leaving Zimbabwe.

Moving to South Africa,

It couldn't be better any way.

We are working on a farm to make money.

So we can support our self and not be hungry.

Now I'm living fun and happy,

always wanting to play.

It's crazy that so much can change,

in as little as a day.

FAMILY by Nick Almeida

F un

A mazing

M agical

I nfininte

L ove

Y ears of everlasting love

Family love by Nick Almeida

I love my family,

They truly are the best.

They help me see the good in life,

Not the opposit, which is the rest.

I have very little,

But love, I have a lot.

With everlasting love with me,

The sad times I have forgot.


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