Jaythan's Ancient China Tour EVerything about CHina

Ancient China has many great things, from dragons to the Zodiac!!

Hey this is your tour guide, Jaythan Dao, and I'll be talking to you about the great Ancient China. Ancient China was ruled by many powerful and leaders and dynasties. That's also why Ancient China was so successful. They had beautiful dragons, a majestic wall that defended against Northern enemies. The Ancient Chinese had a Zodiac used for astrology, and a beautiful former palace, or the Forbidden City. Without further ado, let's start the tour!!

This is a dragon. Chinese legend states that the dragons were used to protect China and control weather.

This a Great Wall of China model. The Great Wall was used to prevent enemies from coming to China, especially from the north.

This is the Forbidden City. The Forbidden City was once a palace for the Ming Dynasty.

Sorry folks, but that's it for the tour. See you next time, and I had hope you liked the tour on Ancient China!!


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