Curent Events China BY: Galahad Caer

Ancient Chinese history and Modern Chinese history have a distinct presence in modern day Chinese politics and life. For example, the political philosophy of Legalism, which was created by Han Fei around 240 BC, has affected China because it has introduced a way of controlling and punishing citizens who are trying to work against the government. An example today is that China is creating the largest firewall in the world to make sure that the government can stay in power and stop anti-government articles and websites from being read.

China has a history of wanting to defend its government by blocking out any information or people that would work against it. Han Fie believed in a strong government that could help the people by making sure that they follow the laws. If the people abided by the laws, they would be rewarded; if not they would be punished.

Han Fei believed that people are naturally evil. In this instance, the government is assuming that after reading and learning about the western ideals and ideas of freedom and democracy, the Chinese people would want to cause change. Han Fei would believe that the internet should be censored. Instead the Chinese people should be taught why their government is the best and why what they are doing is the only right way.

China has been trying to publicize their vision of censorship to other countries. Russia and India have already started creating their own way of censoring information. Russia reached out to China wanting to help improve their relations and economy. China and Russia both have dictatorships and want to control their citizens.

By creating a firewall, China also might be wanting to ban certain websites to help improve their own economy. So instead of Chinese internet users from using Google they will use their own version of the website to help the Chinese economy grow faster and spread.

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