The conflict begins Molly#8

After World War 1 people around the world suffered from inflation especially in Germany since they were blamed for the war.

Adolf Hitler was the leader of the National Socalists or Nazis. Then the Nazis took over Germany and he began ruling as their dictator. He invaded Denmark, Norway, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Belguim, and France, Austria, and Poland in those countries his Nazis took all the Jews to concentration camps.

Benito Mussolini was the leader of the fascist party then he made himself dictator of Italy. Benito Mussolini invaded the countrie Ethiopia, and Albania.

Fransico Franco was a facist who overtoke the the Spanish government in Spain and became the dictator. Fransico Franco didn't invade any countries.

Joseph Stalin was the dictator of the Sovet Union. He was a communist. He had an agreeement with Germany but he betrayed them and so he joined the Allies. He did not invade any countries.

Hideki Tojo was the military dictator of Japan. He invaded some nations in the Pacific, Asia, and some parts of China.

During this time America was trying to stay in isolation and stay neutral. But they were sending some supplies and ships to Britain.

Nazi was invading a lot of countries and they would start soon excuting Jews and America is about to join the war after one big event. What is the big event? What happened?



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