Important events in my life By: Morgan mathis

Everything in my lie that has happened, has contributed to the person that I am today. From the moment I was born until now, everyone and thing that has happened, has influenced me and the choices that I make in my day to day life. Going back and looking at 10 years of my life has really brought back some special memories of good times, and things I loved to do with family and friends.
Here, I am 2 years old. In the first picture, my little sister, Mikki was born on November 3rd. I got to go and visit her in the hospital the next day. This is a day that changed my life forever. I don't know what I would ever do without my little sister. I was happy to have her the day that she was born and I am just as happy now. In the center you can see me building a snow man. I loved to build these in my front yard with my dad. Then, on the far right I was at the cider mill and where I would go and feed the birds little pieces of bread. Even though I was only 2 in all of these, I can look back on these things and remember them very clearly.
The picture on the right shows me at my third birthday that I had at the park near my house. All of my friends came and I got a dora cake that I absolutely loved. Next to me is my oldest friend Jordyn who I have known since the day after I was born. At this birthday farm animals came and I got to go down all of the slides at the park. On the left there is a picture of me at my first day of gymnastics. I was a gymnast my whole life up to a few months ago, and I don't know what I would have done without it. Being a gymnast since the very beginning has definitely shaped me into the person that I am today.
In these pictures it was 2006 and I was 4. In the picture on the left I was on the boat that my family had. I loved to always go on the boat although I didn't like the sun in my eyes. On the right you can see me getting ready for Halloween as I was dressing up as the Cat in the Hat. I have always loved getting all dressed up for halloween and picking out the perfect costume.
In these pictures I am 5 years old and with my sister who was 2. There was a park only a few minutes from my house that also had a huge sledding hill. My sister was little and scared so she would go in my lao and we would ride down together as you can see on the picture on the left. On the right it shows us doing arts and crafts together. We always loved to play with these colored blocks because when you got them wet they would get sticky and you could build anything that you wanted.
On the left it shows my families trip to Niagara Falls. I have been there a few times since, but this was my first time getting to go. I remember it being very chilly but the falls were beautiful. On the right you can see my about to preform in my dance recital. I did dance for a good portion of my life along with gymnastics and Ioved to get all dressed up in my costume.
On the right I am wearing my lucky blue skirt that I wore the year I was 7 to the first and last days of school. I loved that skirt it was from my aunt in Pennsylvania. On the left you can see me on a trip to Florida with my family enjoying some late night ice cream.
In these photos I am eight years old and on the left you can see me getting a new bike for my birthday. My dad rode in the bike and surprised me! In the middle it was after the next dance recital I had and my grandma bought me flowers along with my parents. On the right you can see me on another trip to Disney where I waited in line to get a picture with Mickey.
When I was nine, I got to go to a zoo feed the giraffe come lettuce. Then in the middle it was my ninth birthday and I had it at the gymnastics gym. It was very fun because I loved it their and I got to invite all of my friends and family to experience it with me. On the right you can see another trip that I went on with my family, and I got to jump off the cliff into the pool. I was very scared and it took me many days to build up the courage but I did!
On the right, you can see me in the woods that was near the park just a minute away from my house. I would go and walk with my family and my dog, Ruby. We signed our name on a tree, that is still there every time that we go there. Also, on the left there is a picture of me on the first place after a gymnastics competition. I competed may times a year and this was a very exiting moment for me when I got to experience winning first!
In these pictures it was 2013 and I was going to be 11 years old. This was a big year for me because I got my braces off and I got glasses for the first time. Not only did they both happen when I was 11, but they happened on the same day. On the right you can see me getting my first pair of glasses, right before I got my braces off. On the left I got new gymnastics photos taken with my new competition leotard.
In these final two pictures I was 12 years old and these were two different trips that I went on that year. The picture on the left was from when my family went to DC. We went to plenty of museums but this picture was probably taken at one of our favorite points, DC Cupcake Store. Then, on the right you can see me in Mexico with a huge sombrero on. This is when I went on my first Royal Caribbean Cruise. Both of these trips were amazing and I got to have such a great time with my family!

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