8 Tips to Hack Winter This Valentine's Day The Dahliah connection

While many countries around the world are starting to see sunshine and blooming trees, for us, winter is still very much here and it doesn't seem like its going away anytime soon. With temperatures still dipping way below zero, many areas like Boston, USA and oddly BC, Canada are getting hit with heavy snow storms. British Colombia has actually broken records with amount of snow fall they've been getting the past few days. On the contrary, not so much snow this year for us in Toronto. That doesn't mean it isn't cold! its actually -20C cold (with wind chill) this week BURR!!

With winter comes many challenges, well its damn freezing cold to start with. The road conditions go south, traffic builds up, your 10 minute commute is now at least 30 mins if not longer. Its frustrating, and dogs come with their own set of winter challenges. Long haired dogs like Dahliah get snow balls stuck on their fur. Other dogs like Zoey, have super sensitive paws and within minutes the combination of salt, snow, and cold stops them from finishing up your morning walk and before you know it you're carrying a 30 pound dog back home. As if everything isn't enough you now have a back ache. I've even heard of some dogs having their paw pads get ripped, OUCH!

Well today, we're going to talk about some hacks that you can use for the rest of winter! Hopefully, thats not too long. So, lets get started!

1) Protect your pups paws with a DIY wax mix or you can buy some for cheap from Amazon (we use Strong Paws) . You can mix beeswax, coconut oil, some lavender essential oil, avocado oil and place in an ice tray or any container you want and place in the freezer. The wax protects their paws from both heat and cold and helps prevent the snow from sticking to them. It's essentially lip balm but for their paws.

2) Those snow balls! Everybody hates them snowballs! While you're wracking your brain trying to figure out how to get rid of them let me tell you, the fastest way to make them go away is by rinsing them off in the shower or bath tub. Trying to take them out with a towel will only hurt your pup and they'll just stick to the towel. So, save yourself some time and let your pups legs soak in some warm water for a few minutes and they'll be gone before you know it.

3) Okay so there are tons of dog boots on the market and the ONLY good ones are Muttluks. They're the only boots that actually stay on! They're also high enough to help reduce the snow balls that stick to your pups fur. The boots also let your pups run around for a longer period of time protecting them from salt and snow. Even hot pavement and mud if you buy all season boots! Theres also a reflective velcro piece on the boots to keep your pups nice and bright at night.

4) A lot of people don't like dog coats but for those who do, Dahliah got a Chilly Dogs coat and its absolutely AMAZING! She probably out grew it now but its waterproof, theres no velcro so the fur doesn't get caught on anything, and has a fleece chest/turtle neck to keep them warm! I seriously love this coat, its a must have in your pups winter wardrobe. A reflective strip on the back is also there for safety.

5) On those foggy snowy nights when visibility is low, Dahliah is already all reflective from her boots and coat, but for extra safety we have a small little LED light that attaches to her collar. Its stylish and it keeps her bright for cars, cyclists and other doggie dangers.

6) Pumpkin Purée is your best friend for pups with runny poo! Pumpkin purée actually cures both runny poo and constipation! It works way better than bland diets (like boiled rice and chicken). Make sure its 100% pure pumpkin purée and not pumpkin pie filling. Organic is even better if you can get a hold of some.

7) Keep your pups safe from winter and food hazards this Valentine's day like sugary sweets and drinks like hot chocolate or coffee.

8) And Of course, a Dahliah Connection Infinity Scarf. Our light weight sweater knit infinity scarves are perfect for the winter! They'll keep your pets nice and cozy while staying stylish! Dahliah actually wears her scarf with her coat and boots! She's a winter fashionista!

XOXO Infinity Scarf

Until Next time!

Lots of Love from all of us,

At the Dahliah Connection Family. xoxo


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