Governments of the World Paper: Fruitland: A Dictatorship By Matt J.

Another strawberry off to jail! He was caught speeding. Torture for life. I take these opportunities to rule by fear, and put live camera feed of the torturing on TV. It’s the only channel.

Strawberry being sent to jail

How does a dictatorship work? In a dictatorship, the ruler is called a dictator. Dictators have almost no rules or none at all. Dictators usually come into power when the country is struggling after a war or economically struggling. The dictator comes into power because the country's people believe the dictator is strong enough to make their life better for most citizens. Dictators usually have power by force, like the military, or by misleading people in their country.

How is life with the government like here? Here in a dictatorship like Fruitland, because I rule by fear, citizens live in constant fear of being arrested. Fruits also are all very poor, I do that so there isn’t a chance that I can be stopped unless by a natural cause. Fruits are also angry at each other because they all believed my father when he said that he could help our country get back up after the war against Crazyrandomnameland, which no longer exists because of that war, and he took over then passed the power to me once he was dying. Fruits also are always bored, because I make sure that the only thing in their life is work, so they never have the chance to even think about trying to plan to overthrow me.

Fruits in Fruitland

In Fruitland, Dictator Banana is in complete control over everything and everyone. In Purpletopia, The Queen of Purpletopia is in control of Purpletopia, and there is a parliament to give suggestions instead of just having one person alone, unlike a dictatorship. Dictator Banana was the son of the previous dictator. The Queen of Purpletopia is the daughter of the previous king of Purpletopia, which is very similar. Dictator Banana rules by using fear. The queen of Purpletopia rules doing her best to keep everything under control with the help of the parliament, instead of being cruel and evil, which is not like a dictatorship. In Fruitland, Dicator Banana has power through the military, and the queen of Purpletopia does not have the military in her complete control because it says she has to make sure the military does not gain too much power or else that could lead to corruption of her kingdom.

This is Dictator Banana with his friends

In Fruitland, Dictator Banana is in complete control over everything and everyone. In Chicago Bulls Land, everyone votes on everything and all citizens have the same amount of power, unlike a dictatorship, where only the dictator has power. In Fruitland, Dictator Banana rules by fear and makes sure no one has enough power to overthrow him. In Chicago Bulls Land, everyone has equal power, so there isn’t much to gain from overthrowing Dwyane Wade, unlike in a dictatorship where if Dictator Banana was overthrown, the country would have no government until someone takes control, and a new government is formed. In Fruitland, Dictator Banana has power through the military. In Chicago Bulls Land, everybody has equal power, so there wouldn’t be just one person in control of the military unlike Dictator Banana having complete control over the military giving him unlimited power over Fruitland.

This is everyone in Fruitland

Anyways, That’s all how a dictatorship works, with the example of Fruitland, and a dictatorship compared to an absolute monarchy and a direct democracy.

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