My Florida Museum of Natural History experience By danielle diamond

Nature on Display

This Estuary exhibit appealed to me by how realistic it was. It was similar to a beach, it had sand and wa ter sounds. The set up was very nice because there was a board-walk type of structure built over the estuary, so it was a great set-up to allow for focused observation.The calming ocean waves and lifelike birds captured my attention especially. I learned that an Estuary is a body of water where fresh water flowing off the land meets with the ocean water. I also learned that this Estuary was modeled off one in southwest Florida. I found it most enjoyable because it made me feel in touch with the natural world.

Nature and Ethics

This alligator skeleton on display made me think about the lack of appreciation for nature and animal abuse. Teenagers in the 1950s killed alligators for their skulls to use as mascots here at University of Florida, which is very unethical. In result, the museum made me feel a new love and respect for nature, as Leopold recommended. As I walked through the museum, I constantly felt an increased appreciation and value of nature. It was evident that other around me also felt this way, especially children. The museum allows visitors to connect with nature primarily through the butterfly exhibit because you actually get to walk into the butterfly's natural habitat and interact with them. My experience in the museum did inspire me to have an ethical responsibility to nature because it is so purely beautiful and deserves to be appreciated.

Nature and the Human Spirit

This fossil exhibit helped me to step out of my everyday life to recognize the beauty of mystery and majesty in the Universe. The museum clears our minds and allows us to get swayed by the greatness of nature. These fossils represent how nature has the power of mystery and majesty. We don't know how dinosaurs came about, all we have are fossils to help us guess and assume things. It helps us understand who we are as humans and how there was life way before us and to appreciate it because it is interesting how we don't have all the answers. Since we don't know for sure, it leaves space in the mind for imagination and creativity. This ability to imagine makes the mystery of nature very valued.

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