Club Day 2018 By Shane Fricke

The semi-annual Club Day took place during lunch on Tuesday, Sept. 25, and Wednesday, Sept. 26, on the South Lawn. Set against the backdrop of sunny skies and upbeat music, Club Day attracted crowds of students to come out and join clubs.

To engage students, clubs advertised by making posters, showing videos or hosting fun activities. The Spikeball Club and the Frisbee Club even allowed students to participate in games to get more participation.

Club Day featured classic clubs like the Junior State of America and Model United Nations club, but also introduced new clubs like the Backpacking Club or the Programming Club.

Club Day was also helpful for students looking for a group of people who share the same interests as them. One of the most crowded tables, that of the Miami Dolphins Club, was surrounded by passionate football fans defending their own teams and discussing the season.

In order to participate in Club Day, there was a process each club had to follow in order to gain a spot at one of the many tables stretching around the South Lawn. First, leaders of the clubs had to fill out application forms and get it signed by leadership advisors, club advisors and Sue Hall. Then, they had to give a presentation to ASB officers about what their clubs hoped to achieve. After being approved, clubs were assigned tables and could begin recruiting members.

The next club day will be held in January of next year, on either the South Lawn or in the small gym, depending on the weather.

Created By
Shane Fricke

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