For this brief we had to take a lucky dip out of a selection of words. This gave us a word I'm which we would then go out and photographs to portray that particular word - in my case, INDUSTRIAL.


When i chose the word Industrial, I had an idea to photograph the Ineos plant at grangemouth - The only hurdle here is that you ant meant to take photographs of the plant for security reasons which is totally understandable. So i would need to get my thinking cap on.

I really struggled with coming up with ideas for this brief. After some discussion with peers i felt that a night time photograph would be appropriate as I feel the contrast between the lights and the dark sky would be really look good coinciding with the Industrial theme.


When researching already existing Industrial photographs, I took to Pinterest. through this I found that industrial" on pinterest, this was all interior decor related things, I did find a few images that i really liked which i have added a button link to the board below. I then took to articles and had a look at some urban competition winners to see if they had any industrial looking images amongst them.


This was the first competition I came across when starting to look into competiontions


I came across these two images that stood out to me in particular in relation to industrial photography. The image submitted by Gill Taylor really stood out because of the dark nights sky and the artificial, man made objects. The other photograph by Hany Mahmoud jumped out and me because of the pattern and symmetrical aspect of the photograph.


Another competition I found was the Urban Photo Fest. 2016 theme was 'Thinking the Streets'. Some of the photos, I personally wouldn't classify them as industrial. Below I have given some examples of the photos that jumped out at me when considering the industrial-ness in the photographs.


I really love the all the straight on views of rough looking buildings. Ideally for my shoots I would have shot these types of shots, if I was in the position and had the time to be able to explore and experiment more also.


When shooting I was stuck in terms of what to do, as mentioned previously, so I arranged to go out with a friend one night as I can not drive, which is another inconvenience. We drove to South Queensferry and I seen an orange glow over the other side of the river forth on the north side so I knew from previous knowledge that you could drive underneath the new road bridge which is still under construction so there are some cool lights that I though would look quite interesting to photograph.

I was fairly pleased with the image that I photographed. I was happy with the lights reflecting on the water and the orange glow on the sky. As it was dark and there was a 6ft fence, I had my iso high because I was unable to set up a tripos , which has made the image slightly grainy. If I was to reshoot I would possibly get a gorilla tripod that I could attach to the fence. This would reduce the grainy effect on the image and possibly create some starbursts on the lights which would have made the image look technically more advanced than it does now.

The second photograph was again in South Queensferry under the new road bridge, but from a different angle and perspective. It was in the same area as the previous photograph. I took this because of the crane in the centre focus of the photograph, along with some scaffolding.

I was fairly happy with this because of the contrast between the natural trees in the foreground then the man made structures made of concrete and metal. i felt by using this it show the contrast between the very grey building industry and the green calming nature. If I was to change this image I would possibly convert the image to black and white and possibly experiment with long exposures.

The 3rd and final photograph I took was of the kelpies in falkirk. The Kelpies as such are not Industrial, technically speaking. But i thought if I took a photograph from a a totally different perspective that it could make people queery and wonder what it is.

I took this image from the very foot off the kelpie looking up at it. I was pretty pleased with how this photo turned out. I feel the blue light peeping through all the spaces in the intricate weaving of the steel work both on the inside and outside. I also like this image because it looks almost alien because people don't view the structures like this, going on from that, when i have showed this to people they haven't known what it was which i really liked. If was to go back and reshoot or change anything it would be possibly experimenting with long exposure and moving the camera and maybe editing the photo through post processing and change it to black and white.


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