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Coulomb's Law is a mathematical formula for electrostatic force. It was named after Charles Coulomb (1736-1806), a french physicist. Modern experiments have verified this law to great precision.


  • Electrostatic force: The amount and direction of attraction or repulsion between two charged bodies.
  • Coulomb's Law: The mathematical equation calculating the electrostatic forces vector between two charged particles.
  • Coulomb Forces: Another term for the electrostatic force.
  • Vector addition: Mathematical combination of two or more vectors, including their magnitudes, directions, and positions.

The Equation

Real quick info

  • Water molecules contain two charged centers. As positive ions get close to water molecules, the oxygen becomes closer and the hydrogen moves away. Force of static electricity decreases as distance increases. This causes net attraction between water and ions.
  • Coulomb's Law states: like charges repel and unlike charges attract. A water molecule can attract both negative and positive charges as it contains both a positive and a negative charge.
  • Electrostatic force between two two subatomic particles is far greater than the gravitation force between the same two particles.

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