Cocaine...."Bad News" BY: Zyta and kailyn

Choices Change Everything

Regardless of what you may think, everything in life is a choice. And every choice we make in our lives affect us. My name is Emma, and not too long ago a made a few choices that changed my life forever. I just turned 17, my life should just be beginning, college soon, a job, going out with friends, well no more. Not for me. About two months ago I had to drop out if high school, I was a senior, four months away from walking out there with a shiny diploma and cap...but things changed all too quickly. This is my story..

It was February of 2015 in Seattle Washington, (that's where I live), and I'm a senior as West Village high school. Only a few months left before my entre future started. I've been working at the same restaurant for a year and a half now, owned by this cute little family that everyone in town knows. However, everything about my life changed this week after a party that I went to with some friends, friends I might add that I didn't know very well, well at least at the time, I seem to have become quite familiar now that they are the only ones who support my habit. Last Friday night I was invited by some friends of friends to a party and I had just broken up with my boyfriend and really just wanted to get out so I went. Well long story short my mind wasn't strait and I found myself in a room with drunk teens snorting cocaine. I decided to try it just once thinking there's no way I could become addicted and maybe it was just an escape for the night. However the next morning when I woke up I felt different, something wasn't right. I felt angry, paranoid, and my heart was beating fast. I felt lie the room was spinning and I couldn't breathe right. I decided to just take a Tylenol and brush it off. I did after all have work today. When I got home I felt this strange craving....almost as if I wanted the drug again, but that can't be right because I only did it once so there is no way that I'm addicted already. However I couldn't fight it so I decided to reach out to the kids from the party. Weeks had gone by and I just kept taking the drug more and more, I couldn't stop. Over time the side effects got worse, I haven't been able to sleep or eat, I've been hallucinating and throwing up constantly. My teeth are decaying and I feel as though I am going crazy. My parents have kicked me out of the house and I'm literally living out of my new boyfriends basement. I lost almost all of my friends, in fact, my best friend of 8 years doesn't even speak to me anymore. I barely have enough money to get by since I lost my job but a every penny I have goes to getting more...I need more. Not a day goes by that I don't take in cocaine and I want to stop, trust me I do. I don't even know how this happened to me. Everyone knows what happened to me in town too, I can't even leave the house because I get looks from everyone. The basement is literally my only safe haven. I know I need to stop. If I don't I'm going to be surprised I haven't been arrested yet. As more time goes on I've been becoming more and more careless. I know I need to fix this problem, my life depends on it.

By: Kailyn and Zyta

Created By
Kailyn Zyta


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