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Matt The Dog
Chris The dolphin
Anatomy Of Slime
House Of The Cherry Slime (Marker Pen Outline) Positive thoughts to this piece is that the lining of the pen is very clean in that there weren't any mistakes to of been made concerning the fact they didn't overlap and bleed through the paper. My problem with this piece is the fact that the lines are pretty thin which would be alright for detailed areas but i'd of preferred if the lining for this piece was a bit thicker for building dynamics. This piece was a form of architectural structure.
Matt The Poodle (Paint And Glitter Paint) My reason to like this painting is that the use of paint is very bold in terms of how thick the paint can be even in just black the lining of the piece proves to be very strong in the sense of boldness of the tone of black against white paper. The issue with using the paint however is the drying time of paint in general and that it's easy to cause a smudge in the work ruining it which is what I had done on accident when trying to line with the black paint. This was a form of life drawing of a student.
Stephen The Somewhat Emo Panda (Oil Pastel) The merging of the colours using the pastels was easy to use for this drawing and applying them on top of already existing colours proved to be quite successful in that it works together. My issue with using the oil pastels is that they were hard to work with and therefore made the cleanliness of the colouring off check and messy. This was a form of life drawing of a student.
Anatomy Of The Slime (Felt Pen) The wide variation of bright colours used in the image is a very effective way to grab the attention of said client and can be a fun way to show this image as well as other attributes such as emotion and symbolic representation of an image. Due to felts being very heavy in ink it is easy for the inking in the felt to bleed into the paper and other colours making it hard to work with felts as they can also bleed into colours which is what happened with this piece. This was some form of anatomy of a species called slime.
Chris The Dolphin (Watercolour) My strength to this piece would be that the watercolours had worked well in the sense that they didn't bleed to much through the paper and that they were easy to control to make the images colours look soft and give it a gradient. The downside to this piece would be that the density of the watercolours takes away the lining of the pencil so it isn't as simple to see where the arms branch off and the facial feature of the dolphin. This was a form of life drawing of a tutor.
The Cherry Slime (Chalk) Using the chalks is a nice way to get soft shading which is what I think was the most effective part to this piece and that chalk can be layered to create darker shading if one is not satisfied. The softness of the chalks smudging can be used as a great advantage to get quite realistic pieces out of it which I would of liked to apply. Unfortunately the easy smudging can be it's downfall due to it making the piece looking messy and imperfect to the expectations of the outcome which is what happened with mine making it one of my least favourite one of the sketches. This was a form of natural form of a character I had made.
Anatomy Of The Cherry Slime (Pencil) The effective part to the image and the use of pencil is that the pencil is easy to handle making it simple and quick to do multiple of these mini sketches and the fact that when pencil is used to sketch even though the drawing might look rough its still easy to tell what the drawing is presenting. Pencil sketching however can look very plain which I think was the downfall of this piece making the drawing lack in detail it would need to further give improvement of the sketch. This was a form of anatomy of a character I have created.
Bread The Dog (Pencil Crayon) I really like the idea that the pencil crayon gives off nice shading making it easier to use less colours to get one point darker than the other. However I do not appreciate. This was a form of life drawing of a student.
Marshoodle The Noodle Marshmallow Dragon (Digital) The bright colours of this piece have worked well with each other as usually to many bright colours on one image can clash making an image quite jarring to the eye. My flaw to point out is that the line art isn't very dynamic in the sense that they make the image look stiff and to consistent. This image is based upon natural form.

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