12 Top Multimedia Tools ... to boost your digital storytelling. (by @dermedientyp)

1. If you want to produce a longform or a scrollytelling feature, check out Adobe Spark Page as a free content managment system.

4. If you want to tell your story with a map, consider Storymap JS, a great online tool from Knight Lab. It looks like this – but this is only one of my dummies ;-)

5. With Thinglink you can produce interactive images. That’s how they look like. If you want to tap on the hotspots, click the link underneath his image.

And now for some cool apps to toy with :-)

6. The app Quik belongs to GoPro, is for free and helps you to easily produce short videos and trailers for social media. Just dump photos and video clips into the app and its artificial intelligence will do the rest. Almost.

7. Stop Motion Studio (iOS and Android) is great if you want to animate stuff – Lego, Playmobil, you name it – for an explainer video. It’s easy to use. And great fun.

8. AutoCap has some pretty good speech recognition on board and produces automatically captions for your videos. Just feed them to the app ;-) There is, however, as for now, one drawback: while the app is for free, each export of a video without watermark costs 1,69 Euros. Or 3,99 Euros per month.

9. With the app PicPlayPost you can create video-photo collages. Perfect for mobile reporting:

10. Google’s app Storyboard (Android only) transforms videos into comic strips. Like this:

Storyboard analyzes the video (above) and then produces several comic strip styles. -->

You get the best results, if your video contains lots of different scenes. Then Storyboard produces a variety of different looking comic strips. Have a look at the following example. -->

11. Snapseed is another great app. You can edit photos with it, and you have many other options, too:

The best thing is, if you combine the apps Storyboard and Snapseed and create a real comic strip - with talking bubbles:

Storyboard transforms your video into a comic strip and snapseed adds the text.

12. And last, but not least: the app Adobe Spark Post proves very helpful if you want to animate text on images (Android and iOS):

I hope that this collection of digital tools and apps will help you to tell your story in a way that captivates your users and keeps their attention for a longer time. But, as it is also true for print, radio broadcasting and tv, in the end the only thing that counts is … your story. Not the brand of your smartphone, camera or keyboard ;-)

Good luck, Bernhard

(Journalist and Trainer, Twitter: @dermedientyp)