Oakfield News Issue 71 9th October 2020

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Note from our Head

Thank you to each and every member of our school family for all that you have done to bring us safely, healthily and happily to half term. I could not be prouder of our school community and of the progress, both academic and personal, that each child has made since September.

Despite the ever-present anxiety about what new challenges we could potentially be facing in our country and local areas at the moment, Oakfield has not lost its energy and creativity, and I look forward to continuing to work with you as we continue to be ambitious for the future direction of our school.

Wishing you all the happiest of half term breaks and some rest and relaxation - my lovely Year 6 please take special notice of this and make sure you have plenty of down time in addition to your preparation for 11+

Moyra Thompson


Not content with running the London Marathon, Mr Bower has also been leading the charge with getting all the children out there and planting daffodil bulbs all round the school grounds. Over 300 bulbs are being planted so hopefully there will be a tremendous amount of beautiful daffodils in the Spring! Well done everyone for digging in and getting your fingers that little bit greener!


Dear Parents/Carers,

This week we have been looking at animals and their habitats around the world. The children have been discussing features of environments and matching animals to various habitats. We looked at the story The Journey Home, by Frann Preston Gannon. It was a fabulous way to introduce talking about climate change and the responsibility humans have towards the planet. It helped us start interesting conversations about the effect humans have had on the world around us. It inspired us to write brilliant sentences about the book.

In Maths, we have been looking at patterns in the environment, on animals, and creating colour patterns. The children have loved exploring with a range of materials to create their own patterns in school. We created patterns on a snake using paint on our fingerprints, challenging ourselves to complete 3-part or 4-part patterns.

We also looked at artist Henri Matisse and read some fabulous stories about him; 'How the Snail Found its Colours', and 'Matisse’s Magical Trail'. We looked at his different paintings and made our own version of his famous 'Snail'.

With best wishes,

Miss Treppass and Mrs. Barrett Nnochiri

The Upper Foundation Team

Year 1

This week in Year 1, the children have been learning about setting the table for dinner time. We talked about table manners and proper dinner etiquette. We practised where to put the plates and cutlery. Can you have a go at home? We have also been creating our own menus with all of our favourite foods.

Year 2

Year 2 went to Bel Air park to look at Physical and Human features in the World Around Us. The children saw a variety of objects, plants and buildings. We talked about the material they are made from and where they have come from. What a lovely walk we had together learning about the things all around us!

Year 2 have worked extremely hard on their ‘All About Me’ Projects. It has impressed us hugely to see just how creative they can be. Year 2 have used paints, PowerPoint, treasure boxes and mobiles. What an array – we loved getting to know the children better! Thank you to all the families for the effort and energy poured into these brilliant pieces of artwork.


Getting into Shape

This week in maths Year 3 are learning about shapes and Miss Salter's Maths group completed the NRICH investigation ‘Stringy Quads’. We learnt that a quadrilateral was a four-sided shape!

We found trapeziums and kites had one line of symmetry; a rectangle has two and a square has four! We also found that no quadrilaterals have 3 lines of symmetry.

Shaped crusaders!

Year 3's half termly homework project for this half term was to create their own maths games! Some children made their own versions of snakes and ladders, some built spinners with times tables questions and others created their own versions of top trumps linked to Lord of The Rings! They used dice, buzzers and timers to make their games very interactive.

We had great fun playing them on the last day of term in both our classes and our maths groups and were very impressed with the amount of effort involved!

Well done to all of the Year 3 children for their creativity and thank you to all of the parents for their support!



Year 4's Maths half termly project was linked to telling the time. The children created their own clock along with a ‘how-to’ guide on how to tell the time to share with their class. As an extension task, the children researched why our clocks move forward and back each year and why we have different time zones.

"My clock is special because it has shades and tell me the time too" Theodore
"I enjoyed making the clock and I think mine is special because it is analogue and digital at the same time. It also tells me the time in London and Barbados!" Elodie
"It was really fun to make my clock and I learnt a bit more about time" Dennis
"I learnt that the big hand represents the minutes and the small hand represent the hours. Before I thought it was the other way round!" Savannah
" I enjoyed making my clock, painting and drilling. My clock was the only grandfather clock and also, it is based on a book" Gabriella R.
Rock around the clock!

Clubs, Activities and Extra-Curricular

Cooking Club

Music Lessons


Friday Maths Challenge



Dear musical wanderers,

After a hiatus, Composer of the Week is back! This week we don't have to wander very far, as Samuel Coleridge-Taylor was born in Holborn and spent much of his time in South London. He was one of the first black composers, who also fought hard for racial equality. He was incredibly highly acclaimed whilst he was alive, especially by his contemporaries, but his music was forgotten for many years. We're incredibly lucky that his music was rediscovered, and I hope you enjoy listening to his work this week.

Have a lovely half term,

Mr. Sam Howes

Director of Music


Half term musical theatre performance workshops with In Company

We are In Company, a new musical youth theatre in South East London. This half term we will be running our first set of workshops. We aim to provide a high quality of workshops for young people which is reflective of our individual professional training.

All workshops will take place in a covid secure building whilst observing social distancing.

ISA Design a T-Shirt Competition

The ISA T-Shirt Design Competition is a great opportunity for pupils to work to a brief in creating a sporting t-shirt that represents the ISA values. Pupils are invited to design the images for the Limitless t-shirt which will then be used as prizes for our National competitions. Show off your awesome graphic design talents by creating a one-of-a-kind t-shirt with an ISA Sport theme

The competition is open now and deadline for submissions is 26th November. Good luck!

Oakfield Discount for Lantana Books

Mira’s Curly Hair which was on our Black Lives Matter reading list is published by Lantana Publishing; they focus on publishing children's books for early years by authors from under-represented groups. Their books focus on diversity and inclusion, social and emotional learning, and environmental sustainability in support of an inclusive curriculum.

The kind people at Lantana have kindly offered the Oakfield community (parents, carers and staff) a 15% discount on books purchased from their website. See details below!

Have an amazing half-term everyone!


Created with images by Katherine McCormack - "Springtime daffodils" • Rana Sawalha - "Travel. Learn. Teach" • Evgeni Tcherkasski - "Challah" • Will Paterson - "untitled image" • Callum Wale - "Abstract Metal Building in Sheffield" • Kyle Glenn - "untitled image" • Krys Amon - "untitled image" • JESHOOTS.COM - "untitled image" • Chris Curry - "untitled image" • blocks - "Vinyl + Grado Headphones" • Stacy Marie - "untitled image"