Say It Loud: I'm Black & I'm Proud James Brown, 1968

James Brown also sang "I Got The Feeling" and "Night Train" among others.

"Say it loud, I'm black and I'm proud Say it louder, I'm black and I'm proud"

"Now we demand a chance to do things for ourselves We tired of beating our heads against the wall And working for someone else A look a'here, One thing more I got to say right here Now, we're people like the birds and the bees We rather die on our feet, Than keep living on our knees"

The lyrics represent how African Americans have had to do everything white's have told them to do, and after having to follow these rules for so long they were ready to get what they deserved no matter what, despite any threats or ridiculing from others.

This song reflects one of the many protests for black rights, that was occurring as part of the Civil Rights movement.

The overall message of this song was of most African American's desires to no longer have to live their lives in an unequal and discriminated way. They were ready to fight back and get the rights that they deserved by never losing sight of who they truly were.

1:42 - 2:11

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