ThreeDays in October Australasian Permaculture Convergence 13 (APC13), Perth, Western Australia. 2-5 october 2016. A report by Russ Grayson pacific-edge.info

IT HAPPENS every second year, the Australasian Permaculture Convergence, when practitioners of the permaculture design system gather to talk, see and do.

The permaculture clan is far-flung, from Far North Queensland, down through Brisbane, Northern NSW, Sydney, the NSW South Coast, Melbourne, Adelaide and all the way over to Perth, Western Australia. And that's not to mention those west of the ranges in inland Australia.

Permaculture is a design system for creating resilient communities. I like to think of it as a platform of ethics, principles and characteristics upon which its practitioners build useful applications. These might be in food production and distribution systems, energy and water efficient building, community development, community education, international development, journalism and publishing and more.

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The photos that follow show some of the permaculture people who attended APC13… people who make things happen.

APC13 acknowledged the work of the late Bill Mollison who, with David Holmgren, co-inventerd trhe permaculture design system in the late 1970s. Bill passed away only a couple months before the convergence. This commemorative art is the work of south coast NSW permaculture edcuator, musician and artist, April Sampson-Kelly, from Permaculture Visions.
David Holmgren, with the late Bill Mollison, invented the permaculture design system in Tasmania in the late 1970s.
Ross Mars calls Perth home and for decades has been a leader in permaculture design in Western Australia. Ross was one of the Western Australian crew who organised APC13.
What is a convergence without music? Putting the culture back into permaculture is Western Australian band, The Formidable Vegetable Sound System.
From Victoria, Britt scribes notes during a session on permaculture edcuation.
Gilloan Kozicki is a Sydney-based food educator specialising in fermented foods.
Retired Melbourne teacher, Virginia Solomon, works with national organisation, permaculture Australia, coordiniating activities.
April Sampson-Kelly, a permaculture educator who offers an online permaculture design course from her home base at Mt Kembla on the NSW South Coast, tries her hand at video making.
Pete the Permie, from Victoria, shares a few words with Graham Bell, a long-time permaculture educator ond community worker from Scotland.
Who is this sampling the produce at Jetto's Patch? None other than Robyn Rosenfeld, published of PIP permaculture magazine.
Annalise Horden fromn northern NSW shares a shaft of late afternoon sunlight with Richard Pang from Sydney.
David Holmgren discusses permaculture education. Ross Mars stands at left while Graham George peers over his shoulder.
Richard Pang, from Sydeny.
Richard Telford from rural Victoria manages the Permaculture Principles website.
Graham George is a permaculture elder from southern NSW.
Charlie McGee from Formidable Vegetanble Sound System strums a few chords.
Busy preparing material for a session are Anniliese Hordern (left) and Courtney, currently resident at Golden Bay on Aotearoa-New Zealand's South Island.
In Sydney, Jane Mowbray (left) works with the Australian City Farms & Community Gardens Network. Fiona Campbell (right) is a local government sustainability educator and permaculture educator.
Social permaculture edcuator, Robyn Clayfield, winds up the audience at APC13.
Up in the Perth Hills, Ross Mars talks with Xavier, from Thailand,, about useful bamboo at his property during a site tour following the convergence.
Shani, and Tim from Ecoburbia and their goat (one of them) have developed an interesting residential builng in Fremantle. ecoburbia.com.au
Perth futurist, Annie Macbeth, presented on how permaculture practitioners can unerstand the priorities and culture of different generations.
Jane Mowbray checks out the seedlings at Jetto's Patch.
Dick Copeman from Brisbane leads the applause. Dick is a permaculture edcuator and was one of the people who started Northery Street City Farm.
A farmer in the Perth Hills visited during the APC13 tours.
Lunch was a sylvan affair at a Perth Hills property visited during the post-convergence tours.
Jane Mowbray, from Sydney, works with the national community gardens network and her lcoal seed saving group.
Pete the Permie, he calls himself. Pete is a permaculture edcuator from the Melbourne region.
Robin Clayfield teaches permaculture techniques for working with people and groups through Earthcare Education.
Finn came all the way from Auckland, Aotearoa-New Zealand, for APC13.There, he is involved with permaculture initiatives.
These two women are permaculture veterans who have been involved in permaculture education and other projects over the years. Left is Robina McCurdy from Golden Bay, South Island, Aotearoa-New Zealand. Right is Robin Clayfield from Earthcare Education, Crystal Waters Permaculture Village near Maleny SE Queensland.
Erin Young, from northern NSW, teaches the sociocracy method of group decision making.
Charles Otway is a Perth resident who helped organise APC13.
Another woman who makes things happen is Fiona Blackham, a Perth resident who assited in the organisation of APC13. Fiona works in natural resource management.
Sampling the peas at Jetto's patch, one of the most productuve home gardens/food forests you could hope to find.
Michele and Dario Franzanelli are the people behind Jetto's Patch, one of the stops on one of the APC13 urban tours. Jetto's is an incredibly diverse and productive suburban home garden.
The Jetto's patch APC13 tour group, framed at left by PIP permaculture magazine publisher, Robyn Rosenfeld, and at right by Perth-based futurist and consultant, Annie Macbeth. Annie opened APC13 with a presentation of permaculture and demographics.
From southern NSW, Phil Gaul is a retired architect active with regional permaculture organisations.
Oliver Holmgren documenting APC13 with his camera.
Virginia Solomon talks Accredited Permaculture Training, the national permaculture education scheme.
On an APC13 urban tour, Josh Byrne talks about his grid-connencted home solar electricity and battery system.
Pete the Permie poses with Dick Copeman, a permaculture educator from Brisbane with a long-time association with Northey Street City Farm.
Annaliese Horden came all the way from northern NSW for APC13.
Robina McCurdy makes notes while Fiona Campbell looks on.
Amid the dwarf fruit trees, permaculture educator and community development worker, Robina McCurdy, thinks things through.
The photghrapher gets friendly with April Sampson-Kelly.
A highlight of APC13 was permaculture co-inventor, David Holmgren (left), awarding permaculture elder ststus of visiting permaculture educator, Graham Bell, from Scotland. David is from Hepburn in central Victoria.
It wasn't possible to assemble all APC13 attendees at one place and one time, so here's some present the day the image was made.
Here'a a big thanks to the Western Australian crew who worked so hard to make APC13 a successful convergence.

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