Douglas County By:Kimberly Rodriguez-Chacon

Landmarks orĀ Buildings
  • Court house downtown Lawrence called Lawrence Municipal Court.
  • Lawrence Plymouth Congregational Church
  • Beni Israel Cemetery
  • Black Jack Battlefield
  • Constitution Hall
Important People in Douglas County
  • Davis Jefferson-He was served as president of the confederate states of America.
  • George Pocking-Former Lawrence Banker,Lawrence top-ranking industrialist for 4 decades.
  • Justin Dewitt Bowersock-He owned and controlled flour mill,and a bank.

County Clerk and Sheriff

Clerk-Jaime Shew. Sheriff-Ken Mc Govern

Cities or towns:
  • Eudors (7,441)
  • Grant (371)
  • Lawrence (87,643)
  • Wakarusa (2,318)
My county is named after:Stephe A. Douglas (1813-1861).
Common Jobs:
  • Healthcare support
  • Engineering computers,Science
  • Arts,Design,Sports,Entertainment
  • Firefighters, law enforcement
  • Construction,extraction,maintenance/repair
Major Events in Douglas County:
  • First church Lawrence Plymouth Congregational church was built in 1854.
  • The first school that was opened in Lawrence was opened on January 16,1855.
  • "The Devil of Stull Cemetery" each year Sring Equinox visits the DiviStull cemetery.

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