A City United The manchester bombing

This documentary is about the 1996 IRA bombing in Manchester. My aim is to focus on the resilience of a city and how the city recovered after such an incident. Many people are ill informed or not even aware of the 1996 bombing in Manchester so I chose to bring it to the surface as it has been 20 years since the incident occurred. Throughout this documentary you will hear real life accounts of what happened that day and how the bomb effected not only the city but the people of Manchester.

June 15th 1996, Manchester was heaving as people flooded into the city by their thousands as England was hosting the Euro 96 football championships. Not only was it the day before fathers day however Germany was to face Russia the very next day.

Around 90 minutes before the bomb was detonated the IRA had sent a telephone warning into a local radio station. Approximately 80,000 people were evacuated from the area to multiple safe points across the city. This has been called one of the most 'extraordinary policing operations' in the UK. With the bomb squad unable to defuse the bomb before it detonated, the explosion ripped corporation street to pieces, shattering windows throughout the city and causing huge amounts of destruction. More than 200 people were injured however there were no fatalities. The bomb was the biggest mainland bomb to explode in Britain since WWII.

Nathan Sassin a local street artist managed to sneak behind police barricades and witness the destruction 1st hand, here's his story;

Q: So when did it all start?
A: "It all started when I was kicked off the bus at Oxford road, I thought it was because the bus driver had caught me tagging, I goes down to him and ask what's up, why are you kicking me off and he said "That's it there's no more busses going to town" So I get off at Oxford road a bit confused. Walking up Oxford road now I see a police barrier so I say's what's going on? He say's your not going town everyones been evacuated, so i'm like I've got to get to Victoria station, dude's like you're not getting to Victoria station today mate. I said Oh right okay so I walk off and I cut behind the University buildings, cut through All saints park went behinds the copper walked down oxford road and seen a barrage of police, I turned down by the Ritz got onto the canal... It was like every open place you could see all you could see was coppers stood in two's"
Q: So why was it so important that you made it through town that day?
A: "At the time I was doing quite a lot of £30 jobs, just getting money in to buy some happiness sort of thing. Then I got this big job which was worth £2500 that would have hit fashion shows, hit major stores, underground skateboard stores that kind of scene. It was my biggest pay day which I never received."
Q: How were you feeling at this point?
A: Because I didn't know what had happened I was just feeling that something weird had gone on but you couldn't put your finger on it, It was eery, it was creepy, it was strange. you know when you see people think like the end of the world has happened and it's just you and the world has ended, that's what it was like. I was walking through a deserted town yeah that every day is rammed with office workers, students and workers but today it was nothing."
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Alexander Saunders


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