Blank Spaces Creating engaging spaces for information

Plain Walls are like unused canvases, the possibilities of engagement with those who pass by it is endless. In this brief proposal, we'd like to highlight how we intend on using the walls on the merchandising team floor at MAS Linea Aqua to create a space where employees can engage with the information that's relevant to them.

Modular Spaces

The proposed Structure, with Various Modular elements

We propose a board, with multiple "modules" in it; calendar, birthday notifications, new employee introductions, motivational posters etc. These modules can be moved around, and placed in any order deemed necessary. This allows the space to be continuously changing, and prevents it from "being the same old thing" all the time.

How will it work?

All modules on the board will be physical "frames", which can host any kind of content within it. These frames can be moved around the board to create an endless variety of layouts.

The frames are intended for you to replace the content with updated content, so it carries a highly attractive aesthetic without the hassle of needing to recreate it every single time
The modules can be arranged in any number of ways, giving allowing you to arrange things in ways best to communicate the message

Interactive Social Graphics

The key feature of this board, is that we will bring interactive social graphics (eg: emojis, like buttons etc) to the physical world. These will be in the form of magnets, which can be placed by employees on content they engage with.

Because these social graphics are so familiar to everyone, it will prompt the person to go and place it on the content on the board, as this is what we're most used to doing in digital spaces.

Emojis and "like" buttons can be placed anywhere on the board, so that employees can engage with the content

What Kind of emoji stickers will be available?

It all depends on what kind of expressions would be induce a motivating environment for the people who work there. We decided to stick with the smiley Emoji and the like button, but we can extend this upto 5 different stickers

Financial Consideration

Our fee is made up of two components, the design fee and the materials cost. Our total fee for this project would be 300,000LKR, inclusive of the materials required to construct this interactive wall.

Should you require a breakup of how we arrived at the fee, do let us know and we will get back to you with a breakdown of design fee and materials cost. We'd be more than willing to deduct the materials cost (printing, woodwork etc) should you directly provide it for us.

Should you have further clarifications, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Niruban on 0775-212-763

Thank You!

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