Water Scarcity in Tunisia By melden D'Souza: teacher: miss yeo

The definition of Physical and Economic water scarcity Q1

Physical water scarcity is when there isn't enough water to meet everyone's needs.

Economic water scarcity is when someone doesn't have the money to buy water for their demands.

Factors causing water scarcity Q2

  • Part of Tunisia is located in the Sahara desert and they don't get much rainfall so it's pretty dry there.
  • Tunisia has low levels of ground water.
  • High population growth.
  • Overused of water resources.

Physical map of Tunisia

Q4 Map of Africa showing location of Tunisia.

Focus Question 1:

Tunisia has economic water scarcity. Another reason why Tunisia has high scarcity of water is because the country is quite hot and the population is large with 9. 84 million people.

Tunisia Annual rainfall. Q5

In this map the Southen part of Tunisia shows there is little rainfall at most parts in the map. Also in the map of Tunisia where it shows that there is little rainfall in the southen parts of Tunisia shows that it's dry there and rarely gets rainfall there. Whereas the top part of Tunisia has more rainfall because the darker shade on the map shows it has more rainfall than the southen part of Tunisia. So the north part of Tunisia is colder than the southern part of Tunisia. Also the Southern part of Tunisia is in the Sahara desert which is dry and arid and receives little to no rainfall.

Q6 Focus Questions 2 and 3

Focus Question 2: The reason why the environment can affect water scarcity is because in Tunisia August can be really hot there. There are parts in Tunisia that are arid with not much railfall so it's hard for people to get water.

Focus Question 3: The people in Tunisia it is hard for people to get water because shortages, farmers have no water for their crops and the country is facing a serious drought and famine so water is really a precious resource to them in North Africa.

The two graphs show that the temperature are high and the rainfall low which is one of the problems of water scarcity in Tunisia.

Focus Question 4: They started a urban water supply project to make sure that they had a continous supply of water for everyone to drink. The Northan Tunis wastewater project uses treated wastewater for agriculture.

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