DIPTYCH/DÍPTICO Bilingual poems/Poemas bilingües

From prize-winning poet


Father Gilbert

Featuring the artworks of eminent Basque artist Vicente Jáuregui and of Louella Garnado Centina.

Diptych/Díptico is the first bilingual poetry collection by prize-winning poet Gilbert Luis R. Centina III. The book was published in collaboration with avant-garde poet Antonio Aguirre and multimedia artist Vicente Jáuregui, two of Spain's most talented contemporary artists. Antonio wrote the introduction for the book while Vicente provided the artwork used to illustrate most of the poems throughout the 138-page poetry collection. Prolific Spanish author Josemaría Alonso Alonso de Linaje and Spanish editor and educator Ana Maria Romo de Miguel wrote the prologue and epilogue, respectively. Guillermo Gómez Rivera, the most respected Filipino writer in Spanish for decades and academic director of the Academia Filipina de la Lengua Española of the Real Academia Española, has praised the work as a literary triumph.

Diptych/Díptico now available from Amazon and other online booksellers

Warm Praise for Diptych/Díptico

Author Josemaría Alonso Alonso de Linaje

A set of maxims...that express universal truths where the mundane, the sacred and the divine are intertwined to reach the ultimate goal of life which is God. ❖ Un conjunto de máximas...que expresan verdades generales del mundo donde lo mundano, lo sagrado y lo divino van entrelazándose para llegar a la ultima meta de la vida que es Dios. READ MORE...

Editor Ana Maria Romo de Miguel

It is an invitation to hope, to love and to be loved. Through these closely related themes, we are discovering the key to love with joy. That key is very important and we use it to convey the message. ❖ Es una invitación a la esperanza, a amar y ser amados. A través de los temas cercanos nos va descubriendo la clave para ser felices amando. Esa llave que es tan importante y que utilizamos para transmitir el mensaje. READ MORE...

Poet Antonio Aguirre

For the poet, life fully lived is always an exile, which means discarding his old self to become another self, otherwise it is neither an exile nor is he a poet. ❖ El exilio del poeta es un exilio de sí mismo, un exilio hacia el otro, y si no no es exilio, ni es poeta. READ MORE...

Author Guillermo Gómez Rivera

The art of poetry and writing has made us invincible, therefore victorious, in our personal lives. ❖ El arte de la poesia y de la escritura que nos hace invencibles, victoriosos y triunfadores por lo tanto, en nuestras respectivas vidas particulares. READ MORE...

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