James Geddy Jr.

This is a fishing net that the Indians Indians used. The Indians would put the net inside of the water, the fish would then swim into the net. Once the net is removed frome the water the water is filtered out by the wholes in the net. This is a very effgient prosidure compared to fishing with a rod because you can get more fish in one try.

Today we boarded the Suzan constant .We saw the living conditions in the boats. For example the colonists were considered cargo and had to sleep on the floor. The only means of privacy that the colonist had was sheets that went around there "bed" on the floor. The colonists had to also go to the bathroom in small buckets. In addition when the ship is moving the all the window had to be closed which made many colonists sea sick. We also observed some of the tools on the ship. We saw one tool called a ships composure that would tell the captain the direction that they needed to know.

Today I visited a blacksmiths shop. I was looking at the diffrent methods they used to do there craft. The instrument they use are very similar to the ones I use as a silversmith. One of the tools they used was a bellow, the bellow blows oxygen into the fire. They then take the iron or steel and put it into the fire to make it soft. I They then hammer the THen hammer the metal Down to shape it . I use the same prosses as a silver smith. I also noticed that the black smith mostly made tools for the farm while as a silversmith I mostly make kitchen supplies and jewlery. I also noticed that the blacksmiths shop was much durtier than my silversmith shop because they wsds work with durtier metals like iron and steal.

Today I visited the Peyton Randell house. It had to have the most lucsirious items I have ever seen.It was shocking it seemed as no one was doing anything, the slaves and survents were doing it all for them. There was so many rooms. My favorite was the grand ball room in witch they would invite fine people to dance. There was multiple parlors were ms.Randoff made sure that all the work in the fields was up to her standers. The house was nothing compared to mine. Since the rand offs are gentry I probably will not be going in there again.

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