Hippolyta Like dresswear, but more COMFORTABLE.

Vision Statement:

Hippolyta was inspired by our very own Hippolyta. Hippolyta was given a girdle by her dad to show her authority as queen. It was like a crown, but more comfortable. She created this business to help women who want to be comfortable, but still show their authority.
Hippolyta was started by the Hippolyta herself. Her daughter Princess Diana (later to be known as Wonder Woman) is our Vice President. The Amazons, the group of women warriors ruled by our very own Hippolyta, are the overseers of production and designers. Her parents Ares and Otera are website and catalogue managers (as in they oversee the design and content of both).
These two outfits are inspired by special parts of Hippolyta's life. The outfit on the left is inspired by the Amazons. Its dressy but also comfortable with the cotton material of the romper and the converse which you won't complain about like heels. The outfit on the right is inspired by the red cape Hippolyta's father, Ares, would have worn in battle. This is more of a dressy outfit but its also comfortable with the cotton material of the dress, which is featured in every romper and dress in our company.
These outfits are also inspired by important people and events in Hippolyta's life. The outfit on the left is inspired by the fact that she never got to have a real wedding. She was captured by Theseus and was forced to marry him. She later escaped with the help of the Amazons. This outfit, like I said earlier along with the rest of them, Is made of cotton. The outfit on the left is inspired by her mom and the shrine of Artemis the she helped create. The special thing about this outfit is that the jeans are super stretchy and soft.
We also take pride in our joggers. Hippolyta is all about comfort while being stylish. These joggers are the perfect dressy sweatpants. The outside looks in real life exactly how the pictures look. Yet, on the inside they feel exactly like sweatpants. These sell so much that we price them at only $11.95
For questions or orders call 1-800-myth. Your can also order in the catalog section of our website. All shipping and handling will cost $5 no matter where you live. So go shop have fun and thanks for visiting our website.


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