The holy Elephant and cow: abuse in india By camille glatt

The animals that are considered sacred in the vedas and in Hinduism principles are poorly treated. They are beaten to death, shackled, depressed and malnourished.

In the crowded streets of Kerala during festival season elephants are paraded around in the hot sun, they don't get fed or receive water, so this is a brutal task. They are forced to wear frivolous headdresses and heavy jewels. The elephants are also required to dance and entertain throngs of onlookers. Such performances drain the elephants not only are they hot but their eyes droop: they are visibly unwell. Then they go back to their small enclosures where they get abused by drunk men.

Despite these animals being the represntative of Lord Ganesh they still get harmed. They are "gods in shackles". Elephants in Temples are purposefully maimed to prove that the humans are dominant. Handlers intentionally blind the animals as well. These animals are tracked down and caught illegally in the wild by Mahouts- handlers.

When they return to their small enclosures they're shackled to the ground so tightly the elephants are unable to move. They get little to no food, no baths, no water and their medical ailments aren't treated. These elephants have tremendously large tumors and bloody gashes. They can't mate and usually die from abuse or depression. The elephants are starved to discourage the mating- the handlers diminish their energy. Despite the owners making good money from showcasing elephants they don't spare a dime to ensure these majestic animals wellbeing.

According to India's women and child's welfare minister Maneka Gandhi she believes her colleagues are turning a blind eye to the abuse that occurs. She even said that people claim that these animals: monkeys, elephants, etc. are killing their crop or disrupting their town so they can kill them.

Cows which are considered the holiest of all Hindu animals are also abused. They are beaten and maimed intentionally. They kill these cows for meat and street leather. Many organizations that believe killing cows is against Hindu beliefs has tried to stop these killings by scouring meat markets. They hold protests but the lower castes (the caste system has been outlawed but still persists) claim they need to kill these cows to make a living. In response to such protests they leave cow carcuses in front of government buildings during protests, burn buses, and harm law enforcement.

So now you're probably asking why are animals that are considered sacred (specifically cows and elephants) in hindu culture being abused in India. These holy animals are abused because of money. The lower class in India needs money so what do they turn to- killing cows. Elephant temples don't want to spend extra money on their animals, yet make a fortune off of exploiting them. Money is unfortunately the reason such docile, highly revered animals are being beaten, malnourished and shackled.

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