I mean no harm Cas Slagboom | Photographic Wanderings 10-2019

Reading, sketching, making photographs, writing, sharpen my technical skills: this artistic research is the intense but fascinating road to my artworks. In these virtual wanderings I like to share with you some of my visual explorations, thoughts and experiences along the way.

I know about my ecological footprint. About responsibilities, the bigger picture. Everyday I envy nature, who doesn't seem to bother.

To me you are an alien. Yet, I've been told, there is this common interest we have. We want to survive.

So now that we both know, there is no need to be afraid. I mean no harm. Relax. Stay cool. Be beautiful.

I need the space you're in. It is my last resort, as it is yours.

I will be quiet.

This is my incredible world. I love it. I mean no harm.

Created By
Cas Slagboom