The thunder-cat This project was to make a cannon that can shot at different angles with different amount of pressure using rotate and elevate

At the start we had may designs for a pressurized cannon that changed from very different design and ideas. The idea was a system that can lock the barrel in place but it was a failure and we move on. We had an idea to use gears but found no use for it in the end and scraped for a different idea.

This in the early stages taken on this is one of the first designs and were trying to make it on onshape 9/8/16

We tried ideas close to the the first design but we needed to learn how the arduino worked and it's necessary to shot the cannon, and have warning lights. The task us difficult but we figured it out and found are final design. We got most of the 123D circuits and we have an idea for what to do but i have know how to us this and the cannon together.

This was the start of the arduino info the LED lighting up 11/6/16

The design was finalized now we need to fix the barrel supports because the original was to tight but needed to make a change. The design was changed to fix any problems and it worked so we made the drawing on onshape.

This is the final design of the base with other ideas that we couldn't work in 11/28/16

We started working and assembling the barrel and we keep them separated for the barrel supports and we keep most together using primer and cement. During this time I was driving so I left early but when I came back they fill me in that in tell we finish the barrel brace we wouldn't attach both piece of the barrel.

This is me using the primer that will go on the end of the barrel 12/7/16

Some struggles were the barrel brace it took to many tries to print on the laser and it didn't work we spent some days on it.The size of the barrel brace was to big so the laser would only cut the left side and the right side would still be in the wood. So we decide to use the original concept and cut pieces that hold the barrel in place. 1/3/17-1/9/17

The non working barrel brace because of the size of it we normal could get two on the wood and the laser wouldn't cut out the right side of the brace and it would talk 3 or 4 cuts, 1/3/17-1/9/17

Now this is when we cut the base on the Shopbot and we had a little problem and that was the shopbot hit a screw the but it still worked and we had the base and it worked.Now we have to sand are pieces and put them together and put the barrel on the base and barrel supports.

The barrel brace that was used was are original design and sand the area where the barrel will go and cut it out on the shopbot

This was the original design that we decide to us for are final design

The reason we are finished with a good looking cannon is thanks to Jose. He put in the work after school and got it done and then for more elevation we added legs even if the legs don't look stable is looks amazing.


This is the the peer review when I look back on this I was harder on my self then my group.

The cart we use for the peer review

When we do shot we will have a spreed sheet on the shots we take cool to see are cannon fire.

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