A postcard from Toledo 22 September 2019

Do you remember those postcard concertinas that unfolded with a series of images? Here is an e-version for you.

Tomorrow at 3.50 am, Fall officially starts here in Toledo, Ohio. We will mark the hour by dragging ourselves out of bed to catch a train.

For the last ten days, we have been hosted here by friends Anne, Scott and two-year-old Jason. Their family room is a bird-watcher’s paradise, with large windows that look out over trees and bird feeders.

The view from the front garden is Jason’s idea of heaven. The street is full of diggers, graders and rollers, beeping and grinding. Bitumen is due to be laid a matter of hours after we leave.

We have happily explored Toledo thoroughly on bus and by foot with only the occasional hitch. We notched up about 12 km of walking the day that our navigation skills fell over. We blame the sun for being in the wrong place. We worked out plan B while gazing glumly at this ‘art installation’, which had instructions not to ride on it or wade in the water.

Chipmunk in the bird feeder on the window. American Robin at the bird bath. Northern Cardinal, bright red in the tree. Cooper’s Hawk at Wildwoods Metropark.

As well as from our lounge chairs, we found wildlife at the Woodlawn Cemetery, which doubles as an arboretum, and two of the many Metroparks that adorn the city.

Yesterday was just apples. Jason learnt how to make apple cider and we finished the day with typical American apple pie. A week ago we shared pumpkin pie to help Chris turn 63. Tasty bookends to our stay in a town not much frequented by Australians.

So now we head off in pursuit of the warblers on their migration south.

Love from us both,

Chris and Geoff