In December of 2013, Duke Athletics announced that it would be starting a varsity softball program that would compete in the Spring of 2018. In today’s landscape, starting a program is unique, if not unheard of, in college athletics. With costs per student-athletes rising each year, schools find it especially challenging to create new non-revenue generating programs, while also trying to keep up with the financial demands of their current student-athletes. Duke, however, accepted that challenge. We are thrilled to be making history by starting Duke Softball!

Take a closer look... experience a Duke softball practice from the eyes of the players and coaches.

Not your typical form of competition...thinking outside the box to remain competitive.

Highlights of the inaugural season.

  • Nerve Stimulation Device ($3,000)
  • Specialty Pitcher’s Nerve Stimulation Device ($1,500)
  • East Campus Sports Performance Equipment ($2,500)
  • Spring Break Trip ($15,000)
  • Weight Room Equipment ($5,000)
  • Food to fuel the Blue Devils ($2,000)
  • Stadium Turf ($100,000)
  • Stadium Camera System ($25,000)
  • Video Scoreboard ($300,000)
  • Stadium Flag Poles ($20,000)
  • Stadium Washer & Dryers ($15,000)
  • Stadium Field Banner ($15,000)

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