Verse Speaking Expression & nerve...

This afternoon was the culmination of the Middle School Verse Speaking Competition. I love this event as everyone is involved and goes through the same experience of choosing a poem, then becoming familiar with it to the point of owning some expression and finally performing it to growing audiences!
The daunting view that greeted each finalist!
Today, the finalists from each form stepped up to perform their poem in a formal setting. Hush descends and we wait for a nod from the adjudicator. That pause must feel like a lifetime but your children have the confidence and the experience (Mrs Gascoigne works hard on developing skills on this front!) to own that stage. And then it begins...
A great audience...there was even impromptu singing!
Hannah - our Yr 3 winner
I watch the faces of the audience as well as the parents as they mouth the words, willing all to go well - this is the breeding ground of Empathy, as I know that everyone is willing the performer to succeed.
Darsh - our Year 4 winner
I love watching the faces of the performers before and after - there is genuine excitement wrapped up with nervous energy as they wait...
Lucy had quite a job keeping tabs!
...when done, there is relief but this is followed by the realisation that all that work is over...no repeats...that's performing for you!
Some words of wisdom and praise...
I would like to thank Lucy Chenovitch, Head of Drama at Edge Grove School, for taking on the impossible role as adjudicator for this event. It's so hard to differentiate between our finalists who all brought something different to their individual performances. However, to offer words of encouragement about every pupil means that they all take something with them - thank you!
Tim Calvey

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