Fully Devoted ANNA L. HEBB

He lights our path. Seek Him.

My devotional reading brought me to a question: What does it look like to be "fully devoted" to God. As Samuel looked upon the heart of David, God assured Samuel that David's heart was fully devoted to Him. This devotion selected him out to do mighty things for God including being the king of his people. I know my church answer, which to my surprise, was pretty shallow. I closed my Bible study, and I moved to my women's group reading. Imagine my surprise when the very chapter used words like devotion, connection, and fully. In this sweet place, the Holy Spirit was answering the question I posed. Like the morning sun shinning its light onto my uncharted path, and the fresh dew of a new morning, Jesus walked with me.

Yet you, LORD, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand. Isaiah 64:8

In life, we pose questions to our Father to quell our anxious mind. We seek Him to bring understanding. My current life situation is filled with the unknown. Each day I awaken to challenges that bring me to a place of discomfort. I found myself visualizing my mind and body on the potter's wheel. I'm being shaped into something new and different. In this brokenness, Jesus is assuring me that He is in the process of creating something new.

Our heart moments are in the hands of God.

Fully devoted, my child, is when you live your life knowing, by faith, that I am enough. Because I am more than sufficient and enough, you don't have to be. What does that look like? Risk- taking that includes hope, not fear; grace, not condemnation; and the ability to live within your true calling. Your true calling is wherever you are in this moment. There is not a single moment that I'm absent from your day-to-day. Your glory moments. Your worst moments where you feel broken, spent, and overwhelmed. Instead of proving yourself in the moment, remember I AM that moment, and you are capable because of me.

He guides us into the great unknown.

I find God's ways and work within us fascinating. He seems to be a huge proponent of growth and discomfort for the sake of making us into something He knows, in the end, will be best for us and His world. He builds our faith when resources, capacity, and abilities are compromised. When we stumble, He takes those broken pieces and, over and over again, creates something beautiful. Despite the many times I've wanted to walk away, throw in the towel, or have a pity party, He is there showing me the next step and the "why". I may not know what lies ahead, but I can trust that God will be there--the worst moments when I fail and feel ashamed or frustrated, and in the glory moments when He is reminding me it was all because of Him.

When our hearts and mind are fully devoted, we can see our part within the larger work. You are not being stretched solely for the purpose of personal gain, but to work within a larger realm of His Kingdom work. Maybe your house doesn't look like a castle, and your job is not Camelot, but your work matters in the universe. The mother who cares deeply for her children is doing God's work. A CEO who passionately serves with integrity is doing God's work. Your part within the whole. Jesus came to do the Father's work and proclaimed the authority of God in all that He accomplished. Esther left all that she knew and saved her people from annihilation. Their obedience and discomfort for the sake of the bigger plan.

Fully devoted in the moment God has given you. Jesus was never present but somewhere off in his mind wishing He was somewhere else. Right there, in the moment, He obeyed the Father, listened to the heart of the person, and spoke life into the situation.

My life in His hands. "Being unsure, but doing it anyway. Thinking of your "team" more than yourself. Complete reliance on God. Knowing that when it all goes well it's because of God. Knowing that when it goes terrible, it's okay because you have God. He is in you. He is with you today and tomorrow. And to you who feel afraid, broken, overwhelmed, inadequate, stretched beyond your capacities, God is about to get so big and dear to you, too." (Jennie Allen, Nothing to Prove) Let me say, that no matter what happens in life-- a promotion, or you are fired; a healing or a loss; a wayward child coming home, or lingering in the world lost; a moment in which you are chosen or rejected, you are safely tucked into the arms of God, and that place is our divine. Rejoice! God adores you beyond measure!


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