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Nature on Display

I absolutely loved the design of the butterfly exhibit because it was a room of the outdoors that allowed all types of butterflies to roam around and to be able to see all these beautiful plants and butterflies was breathtaking. This exhibit caught my full attention because typically when animals are displayed, they are showcased through a box or behind glass walls, but not here. You were able to view the butterflies in their natural habitat and see them fly around beautifully and elegantly. I learned that butterflies will land on you if you are in the sunlight, stand still with lots of patience. Of course as much as I wanted a butterfly to land on me, none did, however I saw plenty of others that had butterflies land on them and they were indeed in the sunlight, standing still. This is something I learned from first hand visual experience, not something I simply read in a book, which was way more enlightening. The highlight of my experience was the butterfly garden because it made me feel at home and it gave me a space to breathe, reflect and truly appreciate nature right in front of my eyes. The second I stepped into this garden, I felt like a young child at Disneyland, wanting to see everything possible. What truly made this experience remarkable is that I see myself coming back here over and over again, just to have some me time in a beautiful room of free flowing nature.

Nature and Ethics

Being at the butterfly garden, I had several moments of sitting back, taking in a deep breath and simply admiring the world around me. I had no sense of wanting to dominate and conquer this land, rather I felt at peace with nature and wanted to sit there for hours and just look at all the beauties of nature our earth has to offer. Going through this exhibit, I felt that all my problems vanished, because I was so focused on loving and appreciating the life around me, that my problems seemed so small and meaningless when I was surrounded by so much purity and beauty. Going through this garden, my thoughts did not reach beyond thinking about how beautiful everything was because this garden had the effect of clearing my mind and just feeling everything around me, instead of analyzing and overthinking everything. My friend that came to the museum with me, had the same reactions of being blown away with beauty from this garden of exquisiteness. I believe that the museum allowed visitors to connect with nature by immersing them in an environment full of beautiful plants and animals in an open, free space. Usually museums incase animals and plants behind glass doors, but by placing them in a space where you can touch, see, smell and breath nature, allows the visitors to have an authentic experience of gratitude for our earth. This phenomenal experience instilled in me an ethical responsibility to love and respect our land more thoroughly by taking care of my community, whether it is as simple as recycling or going to a beach clean up, or something of that sort.

Nature and the Human Spirit

I feel that the museum helps us step out of our ordinary lives by giving us the opportunity to step into the lives of nature that we most likely have not stepped into before. For example, I have never seen so many different butterflies all at once in such beautiful surroundings in their own natural habitat. The museum also helps us step out of our ordinary lives by giving us the opportunity to get out of our busy, work filled lives and to simply take a seat or a walk to admire, relax and reflect on your own life and realize that there is more to life than all the craziness that fritters our lives away. Its nice to sit down and take a fresh deep breath and look at all the natural beauty our earth has created. It almost makes you wonder, how the planet we live on can create something so magnificent that it makes one feel so at ease and at peace with their life. This exhibit helps us understand and appreciate a bigger meaning than ourselves, as all this beauty long existed before humans did, thus we must acknowledge that we are invading the animals and plants home and that we must take care of them just as much as we take care of ourselves.
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