Gwinear Parish Church Memorials K-O Recording is in process across all burial areas.


Tryphena Kneebone, aged 75, May 29th, 1807.

JOHN ROSKRUGE LAMBRICK only son of John and Bessie Lambrick of Nanpusker (died of pneumonia after a shooting accident) 10th June 1902 aged 18 years. Also AUGUSTA BESSIE , their daughter, wife of W.C. Pool died at Mysore State, S. India April 12th 1901 aged 24 years. ( has a daughter now aged 95 living at ‘The Glade; born in India, sent home to live with Grandpa . Is at Nanpusker on Mother’s death.) Also of JOHN LAMBRICK. father of the above, died August 6th 1919 aged 71 years and BESSIE, his beloved wife died March 5th 1923 aged 78 years. She tried to wear the white flower of a shameless life. LOVEDAY R. LAMBRICK 1880- 1969)

Treasured memories of GERALD AND DAISY LAMPSHIRE
EDWARD LANANCE. of Weath, Gwinear who died October 30th 1895 aged 74 years. Also of HARRIET his wife who died June 11th 1902 aged 69 years.

Richard Lanyon of Lanyon, aged 67, died Aug. 15th, 1802

J..LEE (Lychgate War Memorial)

In loving memory of WILLIAM LORY who died 24th March 1892 aged 80 years; also of MARY, his widow who died 24th April 1894 aged 84 years. Also of JACOB their son and beloved husband of ETHEL MARY LORY who died May 26th 1919

WILLIAM JOHN LUGG who died at Venton league August 14 1913 aged 44 years and ELLEN JANE LUGG died 14 March 1939 at Venton league, Hayle. Also GARFIELD and LESLIE children of the above who died in infancy. At peace.

John Henry Luke , devoted husband of Mary Ann who passed away June 30th 1963, aged 84.

THOMAS LUKE who died at Penhale Farm., Gwinear October 18th 1897, aged 55 years. Also of JANE, beloved wife of the above who died of at Carnhell January 30th 1929 aged 84 years.

WILLIAM LUKE who died at Menner Farm, Gwinear February 11th 1902 aged 34 years. Also of Flossie, his daughter died February 22nd 1908 aged 10 years.

PHILIP MADDREN who died March 21st 1860 aged 69 years. Also of PHILIP, son of PHILIP and ELIZABETH MADDREN who died January 5th 1825 aged 9 months. Also of Elizabeth, their daughter who died February 30th 1830 aged 4 years.Also of Elizabeth Maddren, wife of the above who died October 1st 1874 aged 75 years. ELIZABETH their daughter who died May 11th 1833 aged 3 years. Also of WILLIAM, their son who died August 29th 1837 aged 9 years. Also of ANN their daughter who died October 21st 1861 aged 22 years. Also of JAMES, their son who died in Australia September 29th 1907 aged 76 years.

John MARTIN Late of Carnhell in this parish who departed this life the 7th day of Nov. 1829 aged 37 years. Also of MARGARET his wife who departed this life 30 August 1851 aged 71 years. Also of JANE who departed this life 20th day of Nov.v1807 aged 37 years. Also of THOMAS, their son who departed this life the 8th day of April 1815 aged 7 months, Also of DAVID their son who departed this life November 27th 1833 aged 25years.

R.N.MASTERS (Lychgate war memorial)-

Eliza Jane (Lilly) daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Arthur who died December 26th 1889 aged 35 years.

Eleanor Michell, May 6th 1810, an Infant: John Michell, aged 3 died of variolis, Sept 5th 1802; John Michell, an infant, died Nov. 5th 1807; John Michell, aged 75, 30th Nov.1807; June, daughter of John Michell, July 26 aged 3 yrs. ( Variolis.- smallpox): Grace Michell ab. Truswell, about 87, Jan. 14th 1800: Grace aged 20 and George, aged 14 , daughter and son of K.... John Michell August 8th 1802: Mary Michell, aged ?7, May 8th 1808.

PAUL the son of PAUL AND ELIZABETH MICHELL, who departed this life the 6th day of April 1802 aged 21 years. Also of TOBIAS, the son of Capt. Tobias and Damaris Michell of the parishof Phillack, who departed this life the 22nd day of February 1825 aged25 years.Likewise , of the above mentioned CAPn TOBIAS MICHELLwho departed this life the 4th day of Nov.1826 aged 54 years.

WILLIAM MICHELL,who died Oct.30th 1883, aged 72 years. His end was peace. Also of MARY HANNAH, his wife, who died at]Feb. 26th 1892 aged 70 years.

RAPLH, the son of PAUL and DOROTHY MICHELL of this parish, who departed this life the 19th of April 1774 in the 14th year of his age. Also BRIDGET MICHELL, the wife of THOMAS MICHELL of this parish departed this life the 10th of October 1817 in the 33rd year of her age. She has left a husband and seven children to lament the loss of an affectionate partner and a tender parent.-

loving memory of David Middlin, beloved son of William and Hannah Middlin born on Dec.24th 1857, died Oct.18th 1882: also Nicholas their son, born March 31st 1865, died March 26, 1875 also of their.... daughters...also of William Middlin who died at Wall....1883?

Weep not for us, our child dear, We are not dead, but sleeping here, We above, not born for you alone, Christ loved us best and took us home.

WILLIAM MIDDLIN b. SEPT.16. 1851 d.FEB.24 1923. ELIZABETH MIDDLIN b.April27. 1850 d. June 23. 1923. W.D.MIDDLIN. b.May 23 1887 d.Nov.5 1911

Andrew Mill, March 25th, 1802: Mary, wife of the Rev. John Curnow Millett, ( aged 21) March 2nd 1801 The rail was given by his comrades 0f Holman No3.WORKS. CAMBORNE

ARTHUR MINERS, passed away 28th Feb, 2008, aged 71.
In loving memory of father and mother THOMAS MITCHELL of Menander Downs died Feb. 6th 1892 aged 73 years. JANE MITCHELL April 30th 1897 aged 46 years.

WILLIAM HUTHNANCE MITCHELL aged 27. Feb 4th 1808. Paul, Maria and Daman Mitchell, infts. both the same day, 6th Sept.

DOUGLAS KEITH MOORE. born at Beccles 1870 died at Gwinear 1903. Also EMMAMOORE, wife of the above . Died May 26th 1920. aged 43 years.Also their son ERNEST KEITH MOORE died Peshawar July 22nd 1926 aged 23 years. Are united.
GRACE MORGAN, died Dec. 6th. 1801, aged 84.

EDWARD MURLEY of this parish died at Gwennap June 10th 1865. aged 77 years . Also of AGNES wife of the above, died at Gwennap Jan.22nd 1880.Aged 90 years.

RICHARD MURLEY 19th October 1850 aged. 62. ANN his wife 24th March 1888 aged 84.

J.MURPHY (Lychgate War Memorial

MARGERY NANCARROW, died Oct.1st 1801 aged 39 years.
ALICE EMMA NEWTON, beloved wife of Thomas James Newton, died April 25th 1933 aged 66 years. Sweet is the fragrance of remembrance.

THOMAS M. NOELL, who died March 30 1912 aged 70 years. Also his daughter MARY MAYNR who died July 5 1938 aged 55 years an MARY, his wife, died Jan. 3 1951 aged 89 years, and their daughter ADA JANE died April 3 1959 aged 73 years. In kind remembrance MISS NOELL AND MRS NOELL from Deveral Methodist Church Sunday School.

WALTER NOELL, son of S. and E.E. Noell died May 25th 1833 aged 10 months.

WILLIAM NOBLE, who died June 24th aged 62 years. Also of WILLIAM, his son, who died at Goulburn Australia, July 14th 1882 aged 40 years. Also of ELIZA LEAN his daughter, who died Jan. 16th 1891 aged 38 years. Also of JANE, his wife, who died Oct. 4th 1897 aged 89 years.

MARTHA MARY OATES beloved wife of Edwin T. Oates who passed away Aug. 17 1943 in her 75th year. R.I.P. And of of the above EDWIN E. OATES who died May 17 1949 aged 79 years. R.I.P.

Charles Ernest Odgers who died 16th July 1993, and Emma Jane Odgers, died 6th.November 1993.

MARY OATES beloved wife of William T. Oates who died at Gwealvellan farm Camborne. May 27th 1923. Aged 70 years. Peace, Perfect Peace. Also of JOHN, their beloved son who was killed in France Sept 8th 1916 aged 30 years. ‘into the light that nevermore shall fade.’ Also of the above W.T.R. OATES who died March 2nd 1941 aged 85years.

In loving memory of JOHN OATEY who fell asleep in Jesus, July 20th 1903 aged 72 years.Also of ROSE HANNAH his wife, who fell asleep in Jesus Jan.26th 1892 aged 56 years. Also of WILLIAM their son, who fell asleep in Jesus at Madeira.on his way home from South Africa May 22nd 1899 aged 36 years. To fall asleep is not to die. To dwell in Christ is better life.

Mary Otey, aged 29, died March 23rd 1807.

PETER OATIE, aged 74. Died Aug. 8th 1801

ARTHUR OATS died May 14th 1876 aged 66 years. Also JANE his wife died May 27th 1882 aged 58 years. Christ shall gather his own.

Mary Otey, aged 29, died March 23rd 1807.

RICHARD OLIVEY, died Nov. 19 1923, aged 84 years, also of RACHEL his wife died March 24. 1930 aged 82years

HARLET WITHERIDGE OXENHAM of Lynfield, Nancegollan, who died July 4th 1969 aged 72years beloved husband of ETHEL MAY who died December 31st 1982 aged 86 years. Remembrance,

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