Strange Experiences... Work by Michael and edoardo

Alice is sitting with her sister on the riverbank and is very bored. Suddenly she sees a White Rabbit running by her. It is wearing a waistcoat and takes a watch out of it, while muttering to himself ‘Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be late!’. Alice gets very curious and follows him down his rabbit-hole.

The rabbit-hole suddenly goes straight down and Alice falls into it. She falls very slowly and while she is talking to herself she falls asleep. Suddenly she lands on a heap of sticks and dry leaves and the fall is over. She sees the White Rabbit running in front of her through a long passage and she continues to follow him.

When she turns the corner the Rabbit is gone and Alice finds herself in a long, low hall, with doors all round it. She tries them, but they are all locked. Then she comes upon a little three-legged table on which there is a little golden key lies. The key opens a little door behind a curtain and she sees that it leads into a small passage. At the end of the passage Alice sees a beautiful garden but she is too big to go through the door.
When she goes back to the table she finds a little bottle on it with the words ‘Drink me’ printed on the label. Alice drinks from it and starts shrinking until she is only ten inches high. She now has the right size to enter the door, but she finds that the door is still locked and that she has left the little golden key on the table, which is now too high to reach.

She starts crying, but soon sees a little glass box lying under the table containing a small cake marked with the words ‘Eat me’. Hoping that this cake will make her grow or shrink too, she eats it.

Suddenly Alice finds herself growing and she continues growing until she reaches the ceiling. Now she can take the key from the table, but again she is too big to go through the door. This situation makes her cry and she cries until there is a large pool all around her, that half down the hall.
The White Rabbit returns, now splendidly dressed and carrying a pair of white kid gloves and a large fan. Alice asks him for help, but the Rabbit is so frightened that he drops the gloves and fan and runs away.
Alice picks them up and starts fanning herself while she wonders what it is that has made this day so different from every other.

The fanning makes Alice shrink again until she is two feet high. She tries again to enter the door but it is still locked and the key is still lying on the table. Then she falls into her own pool of tears. Here she encounters a Mouse, but she frightens him when she starts talking about her cat Dinah and a dog. Then they swim to the shore, with other creatures that fell into the pool too with them.

Alice sees a large table. The March Hare and the Mad Hatter are having tea at it and a Dormouse is sitting between them. Alice sits down in a chair, and the Hare and Hatter tell her there’s no room. The Hare offers her some wine, but there is only tea. When she protests that it isn’t civil to offer wine when there isn’t any, he replies that it wasn’t very civil of her to sit down uninvited.

The Hatter asks her what day of the month it is. His watch doesn’t tell the time but the day of the month, and the Hatter says that it is two days wrong. Alice thinks it is strange to have a watch that tells the day of the month but not the hour.
Then the Hatter asks if she has an answer to the riddle. She hasn’t, and the Hatter and the Hare say they don’t know the answer either. Alice tells them they shouldn’t waste time by asking riddles with no answers. The Hare replies that Time is a him and not an it. The Hatter tells Alice that if she were on good terms with him, he would do whatever she liked with the clock. As this is teatime they must always have tea and thus they never have time to wash the cups, so they just keep moving around the table to a new set of places.
Alice, the Hare and the Hatter wake the Dormouse and ask him to tell them a story. He tells them a story about the sisters Elsie, Lacie and Tillie. Alice keeps interrupting the story so the others make rude remarks to her. Finally she becomes really offended and walks away.


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