Depression by: Amber S, Hailey K, and ashlyn w.

As you can see here, this male victim of depression is trying to take the pain away by taking multiple pills, most likely sleeping pills.

Depression is more than just a sad feeling, it's a sense of overwhelming sadness, or way more than a rough patch.

Symptoms: -Changes in sleep, -changes in appetite, lack of concentration, loss of energy and interest, hopelessness, physical aches and pains.The causes of this might be genetics, trauma, brain structure, drug and alcohol abuse.

3 types of treatments: Self help and support groups. Sometimes you either want to try and help yourself. Sometimes you don't want to fight it alone and you would rather have another person or a whole group with you.

Medication: For 2 to 4 weeks to begin and start helping you. Then you must take up to 12 weeks.

Therapy: It focuses on improving problems that occur in your personal relationships which could be contributing to a person's sadness


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