reduce the company's lage product line Many people think about iPhones iPods and iPads whenit coomes to i products.However before these great products was a computer called an iMac3G.The iMac3g was released in 1998 and was created when Steve Jobs ordered to reduced the company's large product lines immediately upon becoming Apple's interim CEO in 1997, and got rid of the power macG3 .By the end of the year apple announced its iMac.

imac 3G

In 2001 apple would come out with their most famous product the ipod. Most people thin the first iPod was with a touch screen but in reality it was a hand held product that you could listen to music on.the iPod classic could hold 100 songs and had 5 gigabytes of memory.future modles would introduce more memory audio books simple games and movies.many spoofs were made off the iPod classic including iPod nanaos and the iPod touch.

The first ipod

The iPhone may be the most famous product that apple has created the first phone came out in 2007.This product was revolutionary because it featured a touchscreen,had 8 gigabytes of memory it could also have applications on it such as games books video and it could even access wifi. Today iPhones are used and have more space bigger screens cameras and can even face time.n 2005, Apple CEO Steve Jobs conceived an idea of using a multi-touch touchscreen to interact with a computer in a way in which he could type directly onto the display, essentially removing the physical keyboard and mouse, the same as a tablet computer. Jobs recruited a group of Apple engineers to investigate the idea as a side project.[12] When Jobs reviewed the prototype and its user interface, he conceived a second idea of implementing the technology onto a mobile phone.Latter apple would use this idea to make the iPod touch iPad and the iPad mini .

iPod touch

Today the i products are an important part of our culture because these products allow us to communicate, share photos, play games and so much more.The creation of i producs is importans for companies can communicate ideas.The i products is important to today's culture

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