SCS Newsletter 10.01.2020

Dear Parents, Carers, and Families,

In our first Newsletter of 2020, we would like to wish you all a warm welcome back to school. We hope you have enjoyed your holidays and are looking forward to the year ahead. The students have done a great job of settling back into their school routines and it was wonderful to see so many smiling faces on our first day back.

Class teams and PLIMS: This Friday, your child’s school diary will contain an updated photo-list of the staff and therapists currently working with them in their classes. If there have been any minor changes to your child’s class team in the past term, then you will find them there, otherwise they will have stayed the same.

To look out for next week: Please also look out for your child’s new PLIMS (Pupil Learning Intention Maps), which will also be making their way home to you via the school diary this Friday. These will detail the targets set out for your child in each curriculum area that will form part of their learning focus for this term. Next week, you will be receiving the medium term planning for your classes, which will give you a broader overview of the kind of learning that will be taking place in each curriculum area for your child. The plans will be structured around the new theme this term which is ‘As time goes by’. We are excited to see the different ways that our learners and their class teams will be approaching this topic.

The Caterlink Menu for the Spring Term is specified below:

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The Parent Council Meeting: This is a reminder to all parents representatives that the next Parent Council meeting will be taking place on 7th February 2020 from 10.00am to 11.30am. It is important that all classes are represented at the meeting. If you are unable to attend, please remember to let reception know which parent/carer from your class will be joining the meeting to replace you.

Lower School Updates: We’ve had a good first week back in lower school, the children were all really happy to be back! Our new topic this term is ‘As time goes by’, and we are seeing lots of imaginative sessions starting including rockets and time machines. Classes will be starting to go on trips and visits from next week so please sign and return consent forms as soon as possible as this is such a short term. We hope that you have had a lovely winter break and we wish you a very happy 2020!

Upper School Updates: Welcome back to all of our upper school parents, carers and families. We hope you have had a restful and fun filled break. It's been a great start to the new year and the students have come back full of enthusiasm and ready to learn in the Spring Term. We anticipate a packed 6 weeks of exploration, independence and learning, and look forward to sharing this with all of you through Evidence for Learning throughout the term. Happy New Year and New Decade!

Term Dates Reminder:

Spring Term 2020: Monday 6th January to Friday 3rd April 2020

First day for pupils: Tuesday 7th January 2020

Half Term: Monday 17th February to Friday 21st February 2020

Last day for pupils: Friday 3rd April 2020

Spring Holiday: Monday 6th April to Friday 17th April 2020

Summer Term 2020: Monday 20th April to Tuesday 21st July 2020

First day for pupils: Monday 20th April 2020

May Day Bank Holiday: Friday 8th May 2020 – no school for pupils

Half Term: Monday 25th May to Friday 29th May 2020

Staff Training Day: Monday 1st June 2020 (no school for pupils)

Last day for pupils: Tuesday 21st July 2020


In EYFS this week we have celebrated Lua's 4th birthday and started our new story - Ugly duckling. We also enjoyed lots of sensory play such as coloured water!

Informal Pathway

Pupils on the informal pathway have had a great start to the new term and begun to learn about the new theme 'As time goes by'. Classes have started to explore the theme through music, movement and creative sessions.

Semi-Formal Pathway

This week, pupils in the upper school came together for their weekly assembly, celebrating the new year and new beginnings.

There was a whole lot of singing and dancing and a sensory firework explosion! Pupils who have excelled this week received certificates for their outstanding achievements!

Formal Pathway

The students had a great first.week back at school after the holidays! They shared their new years resolutions and talked about what they enjoyed sharing with family and friends over the break.

In Malala class the learners continued to work towards their independence targets with a trip to the local library and the cafe.

Sixth Form

This week the Venture Cafe team have been asking staff what lunch options they would like to see sold in the cafe this term. Students used a visual table to tally the answers.

This term, students will be learning to order the ingredients for Mexican rice bowls and vegetarian burgers online!

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