As summer comes to an end, some parents are faced with the stressful decision whether to send their children to school or keep them home to learn virtually. Often, this decision can be met with anxiety and uncertainty. Here are a few strategies for parents as they navigate these challenges!

To continue showing up for our amazing partners, Momentous Institute created a host of webinars focused on ways to support educators’ mental health as they navigate distance learning. The webinars offered a host of strategies to assist teachers in ways to best show up for their students.

Empathy is vital for children to have strong social emotional health. Here are some helpful ways for children to learn what empathy is and how to grow in it towards others.

If we are to improve race relations for future generations, White parents and children must choose to have conversations early and often. Here are a few strategies to help move the conversation forward.

Momentous Institute has held firmly to the belief that all children should have equitable outcomes in education and mental wellbeing. Read Executive Director Jessica Trudeau’s letter to learn more about how Momentous Institute has remained committed to the work in the midst of unprecedented times.