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Sports Star Apps empowers celebrity athletes. Connecting them to their fan base, enhancing their brand and monetize their star power. Play your hero, be your hero, help your hero and have fun.
Joe’s Custom Garage is an Auto Industry Social Network and Customization platform. It will allow Automakers, Dealers and OEMs to connect with enthusiasts fulfilling a growing need for personalization of their major investment the car. Data from our site will be invaluable to the Industry


ReincarNate is an action adventure of young Nate who saves his village in Tibet and brings cultures together as people not countries: 2 Animated Films, Video Game, Mobile Game, eBook and Toys. Market US, China and India
Augmented and Virtual Reality enhancing the full Casino Experience. Allowing people to enjoy the experience anywhere they go, and reason to return.
Play like a winner.
The Hanging Tree... Evil souls are trapped deep with in the wood until fire releases the hell within.
VR the Planet Productions, Inc. is introducing “Event Driven Entertainment” for immersive attractions that can be located at any venue as a natural expansion of your franchise promotions through innovative location-based Augmented Reality technology combined with unsurpassed Virtual Reality Experiences.
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VR Haunted Houses
Intellectual Property System Studios

Project development

Business development - Marketing Creative design - Games - Media Programming - Interactive - Writing Art - Animation - AR & VR- Advertising.

...from design to delivery.
The future of Interactive Mobile Media

IPS Studios previously known as Intrepid Digital Studios.

Intellectual Property System Studios

J.R. Horsting - Chief Creative Officer

J.R. is an accomplished experienced producer, game designer, writer, animator and graphic artist, in traditional 2D and 3D animation, character design, in marketing, advertising, games and film.

He has created and worked on several animated movies, games in a variety of formats and platforms, including mobile apps, web-based games, social networking games, platform and computer games as well as DVD games for national clients, including Warner Bros., Batman, Justice League, Super Friends, The Three Stooges and J.C. Penny. As an animator and writer, J.R. produced television specials for Wolf Tracer Studios and designed and animated for many brands such as MTV, Diet Coke, Trojan and Office Depot.

J.R. also has an extensive resume as a creator, developer and innovator in mobile, television, feature film and music. With depth of understanding in entertainment and breadth of experience as a production project manager, he is the company’s creative heart.

Walter Horsting – Business Development Officer

Mr. Horsting is a worldwide specialist at integrating multimedia technology into Entertainment, governmental and corporate building complexes. A member of The American Institute of Architects, Walter has designed intricate and demanding web-based multimedia systems for Bloomberg Media, CompuWare, DirectTV, Homeland Security, FEMA, Fluor, Level 3, MGM Grand, MGM Studios, Microsoft Envisioning Labs, Nike’s World Headquarters, the New York Times, Los Angeles International Airport, Union Pacific, the Dubai Mall, New York Times, and numerous other international business and entertainment entities.

In addition to his worldwide specialized audio-visual and entertainment system projects, Walter has also engineered the production of over 3000 live events for some of the most well known names in music and comedy.

Walter’s grasp of today’s rapidly changing social media technologies coupled with his unique understanding of product promotion and the advertising needs of Fortune 500 companies has made him a business development leader.

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JR Horsting


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