Adventures Through the Woods Fathers promise ch 23-25

Joseph's Return

Rudi was going to teach Ingrid's new dog how to sit. He tried many things. He tried to loosely tie and rope around Sasha's neck and said sit. He pulled up on the rope and she did nothing. He tried to push her back down she didn't move. After a hour and a half he gave up. I god motioned for her to sit and she did.

Hard Decision

Rudi made the decision to leave Anna's house. He also wanted to leave Ingrid there with her. Before he left Anna made him some pretzels.

The Passing of Night

A man is running through the forest yelling " they are on the run" . The red army has now entered Poland and Germany will be loosing their grasp on Poland. Rudi was scared to move because he didn't know if he was dreaming.

By Quinton Stone

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