Sin Ad Infinitum Time Is Space - Part 2

In Part 2, Hugo Bones visits Chester Field to see about the RV. When they go to see the RV, Harvey is in the middle of an orgy and this is the energy that Hugo is looking for. Finally, Ha Pi De Cloun visits his parents in the cemetery and we find out more about his past. Scroll down to find links to each chapter and some background materials.
Time Is Space is just a story. Hopefully, it is a story that will make you feel, think and ultimately find hope in the human epic that we find ourselves in.



Chester felt his soul move aside, allowing Hugo’s to move in and take up residence.

Hugo Bones

Early in the morning, Hugo Bones knocks on Chester Field's door. This knock does more than wake Chester.

Chester Field

The knock causes Chester to go into a semi dream state about Space-Time and gravity .

Hugo has come to see the RV Chester built for art trips. Hugo has other plans for the RV.

Chester's RV

Background Materials

The story is a science fiction - meandering through psychological gorges and therefore often times slow - thriller. So, it might be helpful at times to watch and read some of the material offered to give some background to the more theoretical parts of the story.

This chapter has a preoccupation with Space - Time and gravity. I would love to tell you that I could explain it to you, but that would be a complete lie. I have managed to gain a greater understanding, but not enough to fully explain it to anyone including myself. However, there are better people than I who can start you on your way. And, as for the question about the gravity constant, I will let better people than myself deal with that question.

Also, I would like to stress that I don't fully understand and therefore don't have an opinion on any of these subjects. As a writer, I find it easier to be equivocating as it allows my flights of fancy more room to maneuver in the world of science fiction. I mention this because the second last link is to a site run by Rupert Sheldrake and he is controversial to say the least. I have also put a link in for those who want to more about him. I really can't say what I think about his theories, but he, along with his friend Terrance Mckenna, are instrumental for developing other characters later in the story.

PBS Space Time - Are Space and Time An Illusion?

PBS Space Time - Is Gravity An Illusion?





A little sensuality never hurts

Chapter 5


The voices of sirens, a moist chorus from the dark...warm, fresh…fingers touching…

Harvey Kalapski

Harvey Kalapski has only one purpose and that is to find a union with life. He tries to achieve this through drugs and sex.

These escapades aren't always successful, but they are always adventurous.

On this particular occasion, things take a turn for the worse.

Background Materials

This chapter explores to a greater extent the Dionysian mysteries, or Bacchanalian rituals in Rome, and how they are a very large part of modern spirituality, at least that which is outside of mainstream religions. I have also included some Jung videos which aren't necessarily on the subject, but they do speak to the idea of trying to understand the self.

Again, I am not sure what I believe - if anything - on this or almost any subject. However, this concept of Dionysus and using dance, music, sex and drugs as a means of finding something deeper in one's own self and how it relates to the world is of deep interest to me. You can make up your own mind.

Two Short Jung Videos


The origins of Ha Pi De Cloun



The name, Ha Pi De Cloun, was just another in a long line of sick jokes played on him by his parents.

Ha Pi De Cloun

Ha Pi De Cloun goes to visit his parents at the cemetery.


While remembering his not so great family history, Ha Pi notices that he is being followed by some G-men.

Before he can confront them, Binky convinces Ha Pi to go for a drink.

Background Materials

So, just to make this very clear: My personal experience with parents is very good. Not only are my parents wonderful, but, like them, most parents I have to deal with (I teach children English while I study Chinese in China) are loving and supportive. And, I highly doubt one could find parents as screwed up as Ha Pi's (well, maybe not), but it is a story and I needed to have his personal experiences in life to be fairly nasty so as to explain his very twisted nature.

However, I do have a serious problem with political, economic and, in particular, education systems. Those, I don't mind trashing, at all.

Sir Ken Robinson - Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the learning revolution!


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