Road Trippin' By: Shania Fleming Richardson

Artist statement

I choose to do a road trip theme because I absolutely love going on road trips, no matter how short or long they are. This particular route that my mom and I went on, was through Central Oregon. I have been going this route to my grandparents house since I was very little.

This theme means a lot to me because of those reasons. One thing is, considering I have been going on mini road trips since I was little, I feel that I have learned more about my surroundings since then.

I hope that people get that it is good to know your surroundings and use those tools to do something great, especially if you get lost.. You don’t want to do that.

Framing Device
Curved/Leading lines
Rule of Thirds
Fill the Frame/Texture
Black and White
Sense of Scale
Horizontal lines
Green Color Psychology/Vertical lines


My name is Shania Fleming-Richardson. I was born in Portland and was raised in Gresham, Oregon. I went to school in Gresham my whole life, until the middle of fourth grade. My mom and I moved to Vancouver,WA. That time was a rough time for me because that was the first time I’ve ever moved schools. I had to meet new friends and get used to a new state and city that I had never been to. Currently, I am attending Henrietta Lacks Health and Bioscience High School. It’s an awesome school, search it up.

When I was younger, my friend’s dad was a photographer, he would always take his daughter and I to viewpoints and other beautiful places, to take pictures. A little secret is, I absolutely loved going places and taking pictures, and seeing the end result to the photos. I even begged him to take mini photo shoots of us. But that is when my obsession, and love for photography started.

I have always loved all types of art, but I feel that photography has been my favorite type of art, my whole life. My plans are to stay in photography classes throughout my high school career. While creating this project, and looking at others, I have really noticed my favorite things in photography. I enjoy finding out what techniques the photographer had used, seeing the colors in the photos, and looking at the exposure and how focused the photo is. I have thought for a long time, that I want to go to the Art Institute of Portland, and explore their photography and videography options.

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