Acid Rain and Coal Burning. by: Khy'ree tabron

What is Acid Rain?

Acid rain is the affect of a chemical reaction, when things like sulfur, dioxide, and nitrogen oxides are let out into the air. They go very high into the air where they can mix with water, oxygen, and other acidic chemicals. It also can be in the form of rain or snow.

Acid rain is harmful to the environment plants, animals, and even people. One of the biggest problems is the coal burning plants. Coal burning lets off into the air getting into the atmosphere and is a reason for global warming. The start of this problem is the coal burning plants but, they can help reduce the amount of emissions by a lot with pollution controls. Most U.S. plants have not done this so the issue is still bad, it may never see an end but at least it can be helped.

Affects and Issues.

The acid rain may seem like it doesn't affect people or even exist but, it really has a major affect on wild life and plants and even are water system. It has made are water system more acidic with lake, rivers, marshes, etc getting an average pH level of 5. This level is to high for some plants and animals and so they die off.

This is affecting are water cycle already by making acid rain but, it also makes a change in our climate the gasses in the air that are released to make acid rain effect us.

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