Who am I as a Christian leader? By Alyssa Black

Malala is a good just leader because she stood up for what she believed in and she helped women be strong and stand up for themselves too. Malala also travels to different country's to give motivational speechs to women all around the world. Malala even got shot in the head by a terrorist on a bus to school and survived the shot and kept believing in what she wants.
A demonstration of a just leader is Malala Yousafzai because she helps women stand up for themselves and is trying to stop violence against women . Malala motivates a lot of women around the world.
The most inspiring Old Testament Prophet to me would be when Jesus washed the disciples feet because Jesus was helping the disciples by washing them and also being kind to them.
I think the most important value of a just leader would be being kind and giving because being kind should be an everyday thing you do and if you do it you will feel good about yourself. Giving is helpful to those who have nothing because we have everything like fresh food and clean water, a bed to sleep in every night and shelter, we have transport like cars and buses and we have new clothes to wear. The main thing is we have money and they don't.
What demonstrates just leadership is being confident in yourself because if you aren't how are you supposed to be confident enough to stand up for you and everyone around you.
I think I could live God's dream of a just world by being helpful to those who are in need, like giving money to Caritas and giving food and water to the poor. I will also be kind to everyone around me by helping them if they need help.


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