Make China great again By Patrick and jesse

Hubei Provence


Republican revolution is spreading through the country @kuomintangparty @guomindamgparty @chinesecommunistparty #revolution

October 10th 1911

New Chinese Republic


Just became the provisional temporary president of the new Chinese republic #president #temporarypresident #newchineserepublic

January 1st 1912

Republic of China


I just became the new president of the Republic of China lol @YuanSat-sen #president

March 10th 1912

Republican Government


Yuan Shikai just died! His plan didn't work! #RIP #willbemissed


Republic of China


I was attempting another revolution... #epicfail



Ha ha! I took over the KMT @KMT #kmt #kmtruler




Chiang Kai Shek turned on his communist allies #trader




Japan's 14 year invasion of China 1931-1945 has just ended @Japan #losers #boo




Communists occupied most of the country #occupied #country



Mao proclaimed the founding of the people's republic of China also know as the PRC #PRC @Mao @PRC

October 1st 1949

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