City Market Social Media Toolkit

Background: City Market is a Co-Op based in downtown Burlington, Vermont. The Co-Op was founded in 1973. Since then, the health food store has expanded to their current location that has an increased footprint from 6,000 to 16,000 square feet.

Values: City Market prides itself on being an eco-friendly Co-Op by having energy efficient energy sources in their store with solar panels, energy efficient light bulbs, and the Reverse Osmosis Water Machine. To supply customers with an enhanced quality of life and supporting the local farmers and chefs. City Market implements community outreach in a variety of ways.

Research: City Market participates in multiple social media platforms including, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat. In a typical week, there will be a daily Instagram and Twitter post and weekly Pinterest and Facebook post. The Snapchat account is used on rare occasions. The Facebook page has 9,272 likes and the Twitter page has 8,853 followers. The Facebook page is used to post events such as, food giveaway baskets, cheese tasting, and to promote local companies. The Twitter page is a simple platform that sends alerts about upcoming events and local engagement in the community. The Pinterest page is used for distributing recipes and has 259 followers.

Purpose: The purpose of this toolkit is to highlight the ways in which City Market offers new products, healthy recipes and service to the community. Overall, the grocery store’s long-term goal is to increase brand awareness and increase engagement between customers and the company.

Key Campaign Themes: Create an initiative where customers post about their experience at City Market with photos of meals they made from products sold at the store. This would be featured primarily on Instagram.

Aim for Instagram: Add engaging photos with high photo contrast. Use photos to show possible recipe ideas. Try to post daily or two times a day.

Hashtags: #citymarketquickmeals #citymarketmyway

Make a nutritious snack by combining kale and Vermont yogurt #citymarketquickmeals
Combine fresh kiwi + strawberries +banannas +oats + pecans + quinoa = healthy breakfast #citymarketmyway

Key Campaign Themes: Promotions via social media. For example, a discount that is only given through Snapchat Story and/or Instagram.

Aim for Snapchat: Create an engaging Snapchat that is not only used for events but, also on a regular basis. Create a geotag.

Hashtags: #citymarketsecretpromos #citymarketperks


Key Campaign Theme: Feature members of the Co-Op and a little about their personal story. Connection to Burlington, Vermont and reasoning for being a member.

Aim for Instagram: Intrigue the Instagram followers to develop a relationship between the City Market employees and customers.

Hashtags: #citymarketmeetthemembers #citymarketcommunity

Jin is a senior at University of Vermont who is originally from California.
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