Happy New Year 2017

Hi everyone.

We hope you had a really good break over Christmas and that you got to enjoy time with your family and friends. We were pretty hectic right up till Christmas day with the usual last minute panic but eventually got a chance to relax with extended family in rural Gippsland (eastern Victoria). According to the weather experts this was the hottest Christmas in 40 years, so a lot of time was devoted to imbibing liquids and hanging out in front of the TV watching the traditional Boxing Day Cricket match.

Yvonne and the kids on a walk at Wilson's Prom, Australia's southernmost point

After a red-hot month of business in December, in which Biljana Hutchinson and Sally Moore positioned themselves to benefit from the highest income streams in the POL by becoming M8 Directors, it was wonderful to slow down with the rest of the world for a couple of weeks. But with January nearly gone, business is back in full swing. And already, there have been some great wins in the team.


Oh thats Gold!!! That is hilarious Nate. Great choice!!!!

Felicia, who lives and works in New York, joined Prosperity of Life in October. She immediately saw the power and simplicity of the Compensation Plan and upgraded to M8 within a couple of weeks. Not long after that, Felicia was out of the gates like a bolt of lightning. The wider community got to know her voice as she engaged with the leaders on the daily training calls, asking questions and sharing her experience in the business. The next step was to be recognised (on several occasions) as one of the Top 8 distributors on the weekly 'Click Report'.

Here is her story in her own words!


"Prosperity of Life is my third career. First, was as a professional ballet dancer. Second was with corporate America—20 years with Colgate Palmolive. But when Colgate eliminated my job it was time for change.

I found Yvonne and Nate’s ad on Craigslist. I don’t think that I realized what I stumbled upon at the time. All I knew is that something felt right about it.

Nate gave me a call and I went through the process. It all made sense to me, but I was scared SHITLESS!! I pondered my decision for a month and a half before signing up as an M7. I realize now after going through the BFE that I ponder my decisions.

After coming on board, I was overwhelmed with all of the information that was given to us. Although over time you get through it and it all makes sense. I would rather have the support then just blindly going forward, which I hear is rare with other similar opportunities.

On my last training session, i was given the opportunity to go all in as an M8 director. At that point, I liked what I saw and went for it. I asked a friend to borrow the money. I am very lucky to have him in my life. It is a great feeling to know that you are supported in life.

After becoming a M8 director, I became a mad woman on a mission. I knew my goal, put my head down, and went for it. I also learned in BFE that action comes pretty easy for me. Now I should clarify easy. Just easier than making a decision. Because I got frustrated each step of the way. How am I going to market my biz? Why am I not getting the leads? Why are the leads I am getting shit? I just tweaked my strategy until all of a sudden I was on the Click Report with top earners of the company. First at number 8 then number 5!

This was wonderful definitely counted as a win, but I hadn’t even made a sale yet??? I needed to tweak my strategy again, Especially my prospecting. I decided step back from putting as many people through the system. Was I really disqualifying prospects? The answer was no. Tweak again!

Finally Yvonne and I had a lovely conversation on the phone. We spoke about staying on track and keeping flow to your business. I loved that conversation because it was exactly what I needed. The funny part was Shane said the same exact thing in different words on his Alchemy call the next day! It was brilliant!

Well, he left out one thing that I will always love Yvonne for. She told me to put some femininity into it. I am going to joke around a bit but she was correct. I had blinders on and so determined to get to my goal, I had forgotten about my feminine side. Now I frequently get up out of my seat, dance around and just move. Just let the energy flow!!! I am a dancer so this made sooooo much sense to me.

Pretty much exactly 2 months after I became a M8 Director, and about a week after my conversation with Yvonne, I got my two qualifying sales. Both within 3 days of each other! I kept focused, made course corrections where needed, did my personal development and listened to my mentors advise.

With all of that said, the journey has just begun. I am looking forward to keep up the momentum, while celebrating my wins of course, and seeing what the future brings!"

6 Daily Activities for Success

While the 'How' of this business is straight-forward and simple, we are the first to admit that there are days when our 'Why' can feel pretty weak. The marketing is not working like you think it should. Or all you are doing is leaving messages for people who never call back. Why am I doing this, asks the voice in your head.

At times like that its important to remember one of the first things we all learn when we started this incredible journey: The Six Daily Activities for Success.

  1. Income Producing Activity - Placing ads, calling potential business associates, 3-ways, research etc.
  2. Daily Visualization - Focus on your goals. Feel what its like to be the person you want to be. Feel what its like to stand in energy of your future self.
  3. Personal Development - Beyond Freedom Evolution (Masters of Destiny) and other books, tapes and podcasts. Do at least 20-30 minutes per day of PD! You can download all POL content and listen to it on the go, or however you do it.
  4. Listen & Participate in ALL Training Calls –. If you cannot attend the calls live catch the recording daily in your Business Manager under the “Recorded Calls” tab. (To participate means to contribute to the call by asking questions / sharing your wins from the call. Understanding that your questions / wins will assist not just yourself, but also others who are too scared to ask or share. Your participation also enhances your stepping up into your own personal leadership).
  5. Cultivating the Expectation of Leadership - Expect that you will attract leaders into your business, just as you are a leader now!
  6. Gratitude - Be grateful for what is to come, but also be very grateful for what you have right now.

As strange and basic as it may seem, these really are powerful (and essential) activities to practice and develop. If you do, and do so consistently, there is no reason at all that you will not reach the income or personal goals you set when you joined Prosperity of LIfe. We are living proof of that! And so is Felicia.

We want to say a big warm Sensational Lives welcome to our newest team members: Chris Greco from Maryland, Donna Blare from Cleveland Ohio, Lisa Tupua from Queensland as well as Tania Chandler from Victoria here in Oz. We really look forward to your journey with us towards great fun, adventure and prosperity!

Shane and Rachel

Next month (February) Shane and Rachel Krider will be leading a National Tour around the capital cities of Australia. Starting in Brisbane on the 18th and ending in Sydney on the 25th. This is a chance to see for yourself and meet Shane and Rachel and the leadership in the flesh!!

Nate and I have done this several times and always our business always grows when we participate in live events. The cost of registration is USD75 and allows you to go to as many of these meets as you want and you can bring as many people as you want as well.

It's a great opportunity to take your business seriously and be inspired and motivated to create success. Business stats show that for those that attend live events, at least 50% of guests join the business. If you are in qualification to become a Director then this is a place to bring people who are potentially ready to move forward in the business. Buy your ticket in the Business Manager.

We will be definitely attending the Melbourne event. Be there or be square!!

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