Leyden Girls Softball By: Mauricio, Jesse, jaylen, mario, and julian

Leyden softball has started off with a good record and many can see that they are going to have a great year, but not only does their record pop out as a positive image but the players that they have do. Kaily Kirkwood a current sophomore that has been moved up to play with varsity and has been doing an amazing job.

With the young talent that has been moved up to play with varsity for the rest of the season, this gives a good image to Leyden softball since the amount of talent is increasing.

We got in touch with the varsity player and had the chance to ask her some question about how the year is going for her and how she feels about being moved up as a sophomore.

Q:How long have you played softball? A: "I have played softball for about 9 years now, so basically I have been playing since I was a little kid"
Q: Were you nervous playing on varsity? A: " At first I was nervous, but later the rest of the team made me feel like one of them which I really appreciated"
Q: How do you feel playing on varsity? A: At first it felt a little weird since I get moved up and I didn't really know anyone, but I started to get more used to the whole thing and eventually I feel good playing on varsity"
Q: How does varsity feel playing with you? A: The whole varsity team likes me being moved up with them, They enjoy the way I play and also enjoy my company, and from that I more comfortable being around them.
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Mauricio Martinez

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